J.C. Taylor Insurance Company Review

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J.C. Taylor Insurance Company at a Glance

  • Founded in 1947
  • Offers specialty auto insurance
  • Rated "A+" (excellent) by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Offers online quotes
  • Coverage available nationwide

J.C. Taylor pros: Longstanding carrier with more than half a century's worth of experience in the industry. Offers specialty auto insurance for several types of vehicles. High rating through the BBB. Coverage available nationwide. 

J.C. Taylor cons: Only specialty auto insurance available. Official website could use an update. Customer feedback is mixed. No rating through AM Best.

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What Type of Insurance Does J.C. Taylor Offer?

J.C. Taylor specializes in auto insurance, offering the following products.

  • Antique & classic auto insurance
  • Custom & hot rod auto insurance

Your independent insurance agent can help you find more information about the coverages offered by J.C. Taylor, and help you decide if this insurance company is right for you.

What to Know about J.C. Taylor

J.C. Taylor became an official insurance business in 1947, first insuring gas, transportation, and utility companies. Over the years, the insurance company's focus switched to offering specialty auto insurance. Today, the carrier still offers coverage for antique and classic cars, as well as custom and hot rod coverage.

J.C. Taylor offers its niche coverages to customers across the US. It also insures national car clubs, including the Model T Ford Club International, Model A Ford Club of America, the Veterans Car Club of America, and the Classic Thunderbird Club. The carrier can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The insurance company is currently not rated by AM Best, the leading global credit organization monitoring the insurance industry. However, J.C. Taylor does have an excellent rating of "A+" through the Better Business Bureau. High ratings through the BBB allow customers to feel secure in trusting a business with their coverage and service needs.

What Discounts Does J.C. Taylor Offer?

J.C. Taylor does not make information about its specific discounts readily available. However, an independent insurance agent can help find this information for you. Independent insurance agents can contact the carrier and scout out any discounts you may qualify for, to help you save the most money possible on coverage.


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J.C. Taylor Customer Service

Here's an overview of J.C. Taylor's customer service options and availability.

  • Phone contact option
  • Email contact option
  • Snail mail contact option
  • Main customer service department has the following hours restrictions

Hours (EST)

Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Saturday CLOSED


To ensure a great customer service experience, work together with an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents can help handle claims and other matters for you, so you can relax and enjoy your coverage.

J.C. Taylor FAQ

What is J.C. Taylor's average claim response time frame?

J.C. Taylor does not make a specific claims response time frame promise.

What is J.C. Taylor's customer service availability?

J.C. Taylor is available by phone at regular hours, Monday-Friday. The carrier also allows customers to contact them via email, snail mail, or social media.

What is J.C. Taylor's claims process?

J.C. Taylor's official website lists the following as their claims process.

"Just contact J.C. Taylor Claims 800-345-8290 or Help Point Claims at 800-527-3907. Our customers have been consistently impressed with the overall speed, knowledge, fairness, and superior quality of our claims service. When you have a claim is when the insurance really matters, and excellence in customer service is our number one goal. We’ll work with you to make sure that your claim is settled promptly and fairly."

Does J.C. Taylor create a user-friendly experience for customers?

J.C. Taylor's official website feels a bit dated. There's not much information fleshed out about their coverages, discounts, etc. Overall, J.C. Taylor falls a bit behind many modern carriers in terms of user-friendliness.

Does J.C. Taylor have good auto insurance?

J.C. Taylor offers specialized auto insurance for antique and classic cars, as well as hot rods. The carrier also offers a customized policy option. 

Further details are not readily available about their coverage, however, without going through an independent insurance agent, or applying for a policy. Your independent insurance agent can find out all the information you need to determine if J.C. Taylor's auto insurance is right for you.

Is J.C. Taylor a good insurance company?

J.C. Taylor has many years of experience under their belt and a high rating from the BBB. However, their coverage options are extremely limited and they're not rated by AM Best. Customer reviews also seem extremely mixed. So, it may be up to individual interpretation if J.C. Taylor can be considered a good insurance company.

J.C. Taylor Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Car hit my 1930 Packard in the right front fender and scratched the front bumper, J.C. Taylor had the damage repaired.

5 Stars
I have always had great customer service from them. I hope someone tells us how they do on claims. I have fortunately never needed a claim processed.

I encourage you to read the fine print on any policy you buy from this agent. My policy showed a $73.60 charge for "Loss or damage to your auto total." I thought that was the collision coverage I had discussed with the agent on the phone. Not until I had my first accident in 35 years of owning this antique car did I find out that the coverage my car had was comp, not collision. I was astonished and took the policy to my State Farm office in town to have my agent there read it. After MUCH SEARCHING the agent was able to find the clause about no collision coverage. It was buried deep in the lengthy document, on page 29. I cancelled my policy because I felt the language on the invoice was deceptive.

Don't pay too much to insure your antique vehicle. I insured a 1974 Beetle with JC Taylor for many years. Cost less than $100 per year, with towing added $10. You only need to prove you have another vehicle as your daily driver. Only heard from them once a year by postal mail when insurance was up for renewal. The only thing JC Taylor needs to work on is getting with the times and phone staff attitude. When I called to cancel my policy, the grumpy elderly woman answering informed me I needed to hand write them a signed request to cancel my policy. Wow. A letter confirming my wish to terminate arrived weeks ahead of my refund check, which took over a month from the day I called. So, inexpensive insurance, check. Customer service, meh.

This is my experience with this company: I was insured for a year. Than my antique car was going through restoration so I didn't renew the policy. It took phone calls and phone calls and waiting on the line and waiting waiting... phone calls weren't returned messages was left [. . .] then was transferred to another lady to handle the policy . . . then again they were missing information sent them info again... Then they wanted my wife's information when she even doesn't drive the vehicle.. what a waste of time. Then they said because your wife had a ticket we can't insure your vehicle... don't waste your time like I did. Maybe management changed or who knows what's going on there.

TrustedChoice.com's Final Review

We award J.C. Taylor a final rating of 3 out of 5 stars. The carrier has been in the industry for several decades now and has an excellent rating from the BBB. The insurance company fills an important need for niche customers, offering classic auto insurance for many types of vehicles.

We're not a huge fan of J.C. Taylor's official website and think it could benefit from adding more information about their coverages, discounts, claims process, etc. It's also a bit concerning that customer feedback seems largely mixed. 

So, overall we'd recommend looking into several options along with J.C. Taylor, with the help of your independent insurance agent, to meet your specialty auto insurance needs.

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