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successful family road trip

The 8 Biggest Must-Dos for a Successful Family Road Trip

August 20, 2020
A road trip means fun, new experiences, and creating memories. As you plan your route, there are lots of ways to break up the journey and amp up the fun.
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3 Tips for a More Mindful Workplace

February 7, 2019
Incorporating mindfulness techniques into your employees’ workday can be as easy as trying some slow and focused breathing, and as quick as a five-minute exercise. With practice, mindfulness can help decrease stress, improve focus and memory, and promote flexible thinking and emotional resilience.
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healthy travels

Happy Trails to You: 5 Steps to Healthier Travel

February 7, 2019
Many of the exciting joys of travel revolve around new experiences: new faces, places, and cuisines, and breaking out of your daily routine. Whether jet-setting for a work trip or heading out on a great vacation, traveling can pose a few challenges to feeling your best and staying well.
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wine connoisseur is inhaling aroma of scarlet wine

Insuring Body Parts Isn't Just for Celebrities

August 1, 2018
Don't think you need to insure a body part? Think again, especially if you own a business. Find out what you might want to insure, and what you don't actually need. Find an independent agent. Simplify now.
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The best kinds of cardiovascular activities.

10 Best Cardio Activities

July 17, 2018
Maintaining your cardiovascular fitness is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your health, longevity and overall mood. Find out what some of the best cardio activities are that will help you improve your fitness routine.
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Woman on lifting weights

4 Ways Becoming Physically Fit Can Save You Money

February 13, 2015
Getting into shape can actually lead to more cash in your wallet. Learn four ways that achieving physical fitness can save you lots of money.
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