Hosting a Super Bowl Party? There Could Be More than Team Pride on the Line

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Hosting a Super Bowl party is a great way to cheer on your team if you can’t make it to the stadium in Indianapolis this Sunday, but make sure you know and manage the risks of hosting the big game day party. In many states, individuals hosting parties can be held liable in cases where a guest or third party is injured in an accident related to alcohol consumption at your event. Hosts have been held responsible for medical bills, vehicle repair costs, lost time from work, and even wrongful death. You could also be held liable if a guest or even the pizza delivery driver has a slip and fall accident while on your property. Trusted Choice® independent insurance agents recommend that those planning to host Super Bowl parties this year review their homeowners, renter’s or comprehensive general liability (CGL) insurance policy and ensure they have adequate liability coverage if sued and found liable for accidents that arise from their hosting of a Super Bowl party. While all partygoers and hosts alike should be responsible and know their limits and take care in snowy or icy conditions, consumers need to acknowledge that most risks cannot be eliminated entirely. But planning ahead and learning about what’s involved in hosting a reception is the best defense. 

Liability Coverage Tips:

  • If hosting a Super Bowl party, individuals should look to the liability portion of their homeowners or renters insurance policy to provide them protection if they are sued and found liable for an accident involving a guest who drank at their home.
  • Purchasing a personal “umbrella” liability policy—that can provide $1 million or more in additional coverage over the limit offered by a standard homeowners or renters policy—may be a prudent move for the frequent party host. This type of coverage can cost as little as $125 a year.

Party Host Safety Tips:

  • Limit guest list to those you know.
  • Make sure your driveway, sidewalks and your porch are clear of snow or ice for guests and delivery people.
  • Ensure your home’s entry is in good condition, free of loose or broken pieces on stairwells and walkways to avoid the chance of injuries on your property.
  • Make sure there is adequate outdoor lighting.
  • Provide filling food for guests and alternative non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Schedule activities or entertainment not involving alcohol. If the party centers on drinking, it is likely that guests will drink more.
  • Arrange transportation or overnight accommodations for those who should not drive home.
  • Stop serving alcohol well before the time the party is to end. For the Super Bowl, stop serving at half-time.
  • Do not serve guests who are visibly intoxicated.
  • Consider hiring an off-duty police officer to discretely monitor guests’ sobriety or handle any alcohol-related problems as guests leave.
  • Stay alert yourself, always remembering your responsibilities as a host.

If you’re hosting the big game this year, contact your Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent before the game to make sure you’re properly covered.


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