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We’re a team of insiders
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More than seven million people visit our site every year looking for unbiased information about insurance and other related topics. And with great readership comes great responsibility, which means we’re dedicated to providing honest and accurate information.


If you were to visit our offices (and BTW, you are welcome to any time you are in Minneapolis or Milwaukee), I think you’d quickly notice our small team has an outsized passion for what we do.

From product owners to software architects, from SEO strategists to content creators, our jobs may be varied, but our mission is shared: to build leading tools that position independent agents to lead the marketplace.

That may sound lofty, but we definitely have the right team and mindset here to propel us forward.

We’re a team of insiders

Alongside our passion, I believe what differentiates us is that we not only have people who have mastered their functional areas of expertise, they also really know insurance.

For kicks, we added up our years of experience and discovered that our director-level folks alone have 245 years working in the insurance industry, not counting everyone else on our team who also tips the insurance-experience scale!

Coincidently, 245 years ago was just about the time that Benjamin Franklin was organizing what would later become the nation’s first mutual insurance company.

History aside, my team’s collective experience before the road led them here is equally impressive. Some grew their early careers at startups back in the day, with solutions that today are household names in the industry, while others honed their skills at Blue Chips to family agencies.

As varied as the companies they hale from, so were their roles—having worked as project managers at insurance companies, business analysts and underwriters at carriers, product trainers for insurance SaaS, producers for big and small brokerages, industry marketers and business development managers for insurtech products, and just about every job as a member of a family agency.

I’m confident that if you name it, someone on my team has likely “been there and done that” in the insurance arena.

Why we believe the work we do matters

In addition to being knowledgeable about insurance, we really enjoy a good debate.

Recently, a group of us got to debating why we think the work we do to support the IA channel is important.

I was inspired by their thoughts, and wanted to share the sentiments of a few of them with you…

“The IA channel is missing the big online mothership—the place where consumers know they can go to easily find an independent agent. TrustedChoice.com is the voice that connects consumers to agents. By pooling our talent together with resources from all parts of the IA channel, we can beat the captives together.”
Nyssa Lieder, Director of Consumer Marketing

“The industry is evolving and we’re bringing innovation to the channel in various ways—by educating and enabling consumers to choose an independent agent, through Agency Nation’s thought-provoking podcasts and articles for agents, and Agency Nation courses that are inspiring young people to consider a career in the IA channel by making it fun and innovative.”
Laurie Allen, Director of Sales

“What we do is important because everyone needs help with the things they’re not sure how to do. I mean really, though, who else is going to look after these hooligans?”
Joey Giangola, Managing Editor at Agency Nation

“I believe what we do matters because IA are looking for the best ways to evolve. This includes getting started with digital marketing, what that means to their agency many years from now and how they can begin to build it with ease, allowing them to still run the day-to-day business. What we do here checks every box they need to get started, in a clear-cut way.”
Cathy Deering, Director of Client Success

“I’m a big fan of voting with your wallet. When people do business with a locally owned agency, money stays in the community—local agencies tend to do business with other local businesses, growing the local tax base and creating jobs where people live. I also feel fortunate to work for a company whose products benefit people’s lives. And best of all, I get to work with talented marketers who are crazy passionate about what they do.”
Stacy Stevens, Director of Marketing Communications

“The point of publishing content on Agency Nation isn’t to “give agents free stuff.” It’s to attract agents who care enough to do the work….to connect those agents with other agents….and to light a community on fire. Change makes people uncomfortable. But it’s also necessary. Our product, our message, our processes, our technology feels outdated. It’s an exciting time for all of us to create something better.”
Sydney Roe, Director of Brand Engagement

As you can see, we’re a diverse yet unified crew that passionately believes in what we do.

As the leader of a team that’s future-focused, if you have ideas on what we can do to help you achieve success, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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