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basketball hoop

Three weeks and 132 teams (68 men; 64 women). Single elimination. Last one standing is the champion. For college basketball, does it get any better than this?

March Madness, indeed. For good or ill, the term has come to describe not only the NCAA college basketball tournaments, but the often-raucous partying done by rabid fans of participating teams. You may choose to join the relative insanity of public places such as bars and restaurants for game viewing.

Or you may choose to avoid the public partying and host a viewing event in your own home. If so, your Trusted Choice® agent reminds you that all the choices for health and safety are yours. Yes, your property insurance may cover that ill-advised sparklers-on-the-cake incident that set fire to the house. And, yes, your personal liability may well respond for that lawsuit from the guest who swears your cat attacked her for rooting against the home team. But wouldn’t it be better for all if such incidents were avoided or prevented by taking a few basic safety precautions?

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