The 10 Types of Halloween Costumes NOT to Wear to Work

(If you like your job, that is…)
Written by Andrew Bowsher
Written by Andrew Bowsher

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Some people love dressing up for the office on Halloween, and some hate it. But no matter where your feelings lie on the spectrum, it’s important that if you’re encouraged to dress up, you do it the right way. Wear something inappropriate and there could even be consequences that’ll dampen the whole party vibe.

We’ve put together a list of a few costumes that are absolute no-nos. Follow this guide and you should have nothing to worry about. Heck, you might even win the costume contest—wouldn’t that be something.

1. Sexy Anything

It should be fairly obvious why—it’s just not the kind of thing you should bring to the office. This means no Sexy Kittys, no Sexy Devils, and no Sexy Mr. Rogers. How about Mary Poppins, instead?

2. Your Boss

Funny? Yes. Dangerous? Very. No matter how distinct your boss’s look is, or how cool they seem to be, this move is about as risky as they get. Do yourself a favor, and don’t. Maybe try  Fred Flintstone costume instead.

3. Religious Characters

Nuns? That’s a no-no. Coworkers in an office come from all different backgrounds, and offending someone is never a good idea in the place you work just for a costume. Dressing as Sandra Dee from Grease might be a better call.

4. Any Politician

Same goes here as with religious costumes. It’s just not a good idea, especially these days, to risk creating a super-uncomfortable situation around the cubicles. What about a giant Care Bear, that’d be adorable.

5. A Bloody Mess

Whether it’s some super-gory mask or a rotting zombie, bringing the fright show to the office is never a good idea. After all, what if you have a sudden meeting with a client, how are they supposed to take your work seriously? Try out an astronaut costume, they’ll think you’re a hero.

6. Anything Relating to Race

This one should also be obvious, but unless you’re talking about Avatar creatures or Oompa Loompas, it’s best to leave this one alone. What about a Where’s Waldo costume, your coworkers could spend the whole day trying to find you.

7. Anything Weapony or Relating to Terrorism

You can probably imagine that walking into your office dressed like Rambo isn’t going to go over well. Plus, your office dress code probably requires a shirt, and no headbands. Howsabout just a nice scarecrow costume instead?

8. A Zombie Recently Deceased Celeb

Whether it’s some popular movie star or a sports stud from the past, your costume can come off as inappropriate, and that’s never good in the office. Try maybe a pirate or something, instead.

9. A Tough-To-Move-In Costume

You know those costumes that are inflatable? Like a globe, or one of those inflatable cowboys? It’s going to be pretty hard to sit, let alone work, in something like that, and remember, work is still the reason you’re there. How about a Dr. Evil costume, it’d be much more mobile.


10. A Clown

Whether you’re trying to be a scary clown or a nice one, more often than not, it comes off a little creepy. And what if you had a meeting with your boss, or had to lay someone of? There’s no way they’d be able to take you seriously. Maybe just be a cop, everyone will respect the authority.

There you have it, a few of the biggest costume ideas to steer clear of when it comes to the office. Just remember, if you have to ask yourself if it’s appropriate for the office, it probably isn’t. Come up with another idea. Good luck, Happy Halloween, and let us know what bad office costume choices we might have missed.

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