12 Forgotten People Who Belong on Every Christmas List

Because a little bit of extra effort can go a long way during the holidays.
Written by Andrew Bowsher
Written by Andrew Bowsher

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woman holding christmas gifts

Look, the last thing that you probably want during the holidays is to add a bunch more people to your list. But isn’t the holiday season all about bringing joy to others? Just imagine all the people in your life who probably get walked all over day in and day out at their jobs, their homes and so on. Why not give them a little something that says, “Hey, I appreciate you.”

Don’t know who that may be, or what they may want? No problem. This guide will help get you started by calling out a few folks around town that deserve a big thank you, with some ideas for gifts they’ll totally love—without emptying out your bank account.


Teacher teaching math on whiteboard

You know how wild your kids are. Now imagine trying to wrangle thirty of them in every class all day. Teachers deserve a lot, but at the very least a gift card to Starbucks would be a perfect treat that might even give your kid a few brownie points.

Mail Carriers

Mail carrier sorting mail near delivery truck

It can’t be easy delivering other people’s mail day in and day out while fighting the urge to open it all. The least you can do is give your mail pro a little something to say thanks. But there’s a catch, because federal employees can’t accept and gift cards, cash, or checks (if you even still have those) at all. They can, however, accept gifts, as long as they’re less than $20. So maybe swing by the newsstand and pick your favorite USPS guy or gal up a few magazines of their own.

Dog Groomers

female dog groomer grooming a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog

Small dog or little, the only reason you take them to the groomer is because they won’t stop snapping at you when you try to cut their nails. And your groomer has to put up with it all. Dog after dog after dog. Why not brighten their day with a nice pair of gloves, or a gift card to a day spa.

Bus Drivers

senior school bus driver looking at camera through window

You know driving your kids around in the minivan is never easy. Well, try driving, like, 20-30 of ‘em around day in and day out while they’re all hopped-up on whatever sugary cereal they had for breakfast. Why not get your kids’ bus driver a nice coffee mug for the road…or some earplugs, maybe.

Your Neighbors

Grandparent and girl with neighbor in garden

Revving up the lawnmower at 6 am sharp every Saturday. Leaving your floodlights on overnight. Your neighbors tolerate your antics all year long, so why not try and win them over with some fresh-baked cookies, or a new fence.

Hair Stylists

Hair stylist

Nothing ruins your month like a bad haircut, so really it’s in your best interest to keep your stylist happy. What about some nice hand lotion or something, you know all those chemicals and pomades have to be tough on the ol’ hands.


Young babysitter and child relaxing  in the living room

Like teachers, your babysitters have to deal with you kids. And if you want them to keep coming back so you can go out and see a non-Disney movie in the theater for once, you better treat them right. How about some new headphones or a nice, little YA novel to read once the kids finally fall asleep.

Nursery Home Residents

Caretaker at Nursing Home

Got a nursery home around you? Grab the kids and swing by with some hard candies for the residents. You get to make some new friends all while putting a smile on some faces. It’s a win-win.

The Boss

Boss and employees meeting in boardroom

Not saying giving your boss a gift would give you a raise, but also not saying it won’t…So maybe some cool little desk tchotchke to spice up their office would be a good idea. Or just buy your boss a nice holiday mocha next time you see her.

Your Cubicle Mate

Businesswomen with coffee gossiping in office cubicles

Your cubicle mate has to put up with your smelly lunches and attempts at jokes 5 days a week. If you want to keep the relationship civil, you’re best bringing them a little something to say you appreciate them. Yep, nut brittle should do the trick.

Your Assistant

Boss and assistants having discussion in office

You know what kind of boss you are, so there should be no question that your assistant deserves a gift this season. And, honestly, probably something really nice. Maybe a couple of extra “wellness” days or a 4% raise. At the very least, a nice gift card to their favorite store is deserved.


Woman Holding Candy Canes

Who says you have to keep the giving to your close circle. Why not just walk around with a bag of candy canes and just hand ‘em out to people. Let them know you see them, share a smile, and pay the joy forward.

Well, again sorry to add more to your holiday list, but this is the best time of year to show people how much you appreciate the role they play in your life story. And it doesn’t have to be super expensive, just super thoughtful. Happy holidays, everyone.

Who else is on your list this holiday season that was overlooked? Share someone we missed and help others out with their lists.

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