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Kinston North Carolina Business Insurance

Kinston, NC, is historical and one of the oldest towns in the state. With participation in numerous major wars, this place can hold its ground. Kinston is known for its southern hospitality with a kick.

When you're one of the 913,398 small business owners in North Carolina, you'll want coverage. Fortunately, an independent insurance agent can find a policy to suit your needs.  You can get connected with a local expert in minutes to begin your search for a reliable policy. 

Workers' Compensation Insurance in Kinston, NC

Kinston, NC, requires all business owners to carry workers' compensation insurance with three or more employees. You'll need to have coverage at the legal limits mandated. Each state has its own guidelines when it comes to insurance.

Workers' compensation will help pay for medical expenses and lost wages of an employee injured on the job. When a loss occurs, you'll need to provide coverage that could be ongoing. To avoid financial ruin, review your limits of protection.

Commercial Property Coverage in Kinston, NC

Most policies only offer coverage for 80% of the building's value. That leaves you with the first 20% to pay on your own. You'll want to go over the following items with a licensed agent to get the right insurance for your property:

  • Protective devices in place
  • Year built and structural make-up 
  • Total square footage
  • Operations that occupy the property
  • Market value and replacement cost
  • Prior property claims

Common Property Risks in Kinston, NC are Listed Below:

  1. Hurricanes and tropical storms
  2. Burglary and other property crimes
  3. Flooding and water damage
  4. Severe storms and lightning
  5. Wildfires and other property fires

Why You Need Flood Insurance:

Flood damage is excluded from your commercial insurance. That means if you don't have a separate policy in place, you'll be on the hook for the loss. Get quotes before it's too late. 


Save on Business Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Employee Benefits Options in Kinston, NC

Employee benefits will help you attract and keep staff members. There are 1,700,000 people in North Carolina employed by small businesses. You'll need to stay competitive if you want to retain a team.

You can put together a package that will be easy on the pocketbook and add value to your employees. Things like life insurance and gym memberships are some inexpensive perks that will keep people around. To get the right plan in place, review your options. 

Liability Coverage for Your Kinston, NC Business

In 2019, North Carolina had $9,827,941,000 in commercial claims paid by insurance. Liability losses are at the top of the list when it comes to accidents for your business. To have adequate protection, take a look at the following options:

Cyber Liability Insurance:

Cyber liability is one of the most important policies you can have. It will help pay for a cyber-attack when your sensitive data gets exposed. To avoid a major lawsuit and financial devastation, consider this policy.

Business Interruption Insurance:

This policy will keep your business in operation when a catastrophe shuts your doors. Coverage usually lasts 12 to 24 months and can be added to your general liability insurance. 

General Liability (GL) Insurance:

This is one of the most used policies a business owner will have. GL insurance will pay for a lawsuit arising out of bodily injury or property damage. Coverage needs to be sufficient to pay for a loss. 

Why You Need a Kinston, NC Independent Agent

If you want to protect your livelihood and staff, your business insurance needs to be top-notch. An independent insurance agent can help find a policy for an affordable price. Since they work at no cost to you, you'll save money and time. 

An independent agent has access to several markets, giving you options on coverage and premiums. If you're tired of doing it all on your own, get a professional. Connect with a local adviser on TrustedChoice today.

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