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Get quotes on affordable coverage for jet skis, Sea Doos, and just about any other type of watercraft

Personal watercraft, or PWC, are a lot of fun on the lakes and rivers of Wyoming. If you love to ride your PWC, it's a good idea to protect it with a PWC insurance policy. You can get quotes on affordable coverage for jet skis, Sea Doos, and just about any other type of watercraft. This can help to protect your finances from the cost of accidents, towing, and legal claims.

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PWC Requirements in Wyoming

  • All riders in WY must be age 16 or older if they wish to operate a PWC.
  • Children younger than 16 can ride a PWC with a parent or other qualified adult.
  • A boater education course is not required before operating a PWC in WY.
  • PWC insurance is not required by state law.
  • Some WY lakes do not allow PWC use, in order to protect certain wildlife and the rights of local anglers.

Do You Need PWC Insurance in WY?

Wyoming state laws do not require PWC insurance, but it is a good idea to protect yourself from the financial burden of an accident on the water. PWCs can reach high speeds and can capsize easily, which can mean a higher risk of property damage and injury to you, your family members, and other boaters and swimmers. A PWC policy can help with the cost of repairs, legal claims, towing, fuel spills, and medical payments. All of this coverage comes at a low price, in most cases.

What Does PWC Insurance Cover?

Personal watercraft insurance can provide coverage for the following:

  • Watersport liability: This can help with court settlement costs and your legal defense, if a bodily injury or property damage claim is leveled against you after an accident.
  • Boating collision/comprehensive: This can cover part of the cost of repairs to or replacement of your PWC, if it is damaged or stolen.
  • Medical payments: If you or your family member is injured in a boating accident, this can help with their hospital bills.
  • Fuel spill clean-up: If your PWC is involved in an accident or accidentally spills chemicals into the water, you may be held responsible for clean-up. This coverage can help with the costs, which can be high.
  • Emergency assistance and towing: This can help you get your watercraft to shore if it breaks down on the water.
  • Wreckage recovery: If your PWC sinks to the bottom of the lake, it is your job to make sure it is recovered. This coverage can pay part of the cost associated with wreckage recovery.

You may also need coverage like trailer insurance, to cover your property on the way to and from the lake. You might be able to get discounts by combining PWC insurance with other policies.

What Types of PWCs Are Covered in Wyoming?

PWC insurance is a form of boating insurance that can cover almost any motorized personal watercraft, including:

  • Stand-up PWCs
  • Sit-down PWCs
  • Submersible PWCs
  • Multiple person PWCs

If you are not sure whether your watercraft qualifies for PWC insurance, a local agent can help you find the right policy.

How Much Does PWC Insurance Cost in WY?

Most policies run between $300 and $500 per year, but your rates will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • The make, model, and age of your PWC
  • The horsepower of your PWC
  • Who will operate the PWC
  • The deductibles and coverage options you choose

If you bundle your PWC coverage with your boating insurance, trailer insurance, and other policies, you may qualify for discounts on all the coverage you need.

Shop Around for PWC Insurance in Wyoming

The best way to find the best quotes on PWC insurance is to talk to an independent insurance agent right here in Wyoming. Independent agents in the Trusted Choice® network have access to many insurance providers, so they can shop around for the right policy at the best rates. A local agent can also help you save on other policies, by combining coverage into bundles for discounts. Contact an agent in your ZIP code today to get great deals on PWC insurance.

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