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Find the coverage that is tailored to your time of life, health and family needs.


Out of more than 450,000 adults in the beautiful state of Wyoming, only 225,000 have life insurance policies to protect their families after they are gone. That means half the adult population is at risk of leaving their loved ones suddenly with no provision for funeral costs, mortgage payments or college tuition. Quotes on life insurance policies are easy to get here in Wyoming, allowing you to find coverage tailored to your time of life, health and family needs. 

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The Insurance Industry Invests in Wyoming

  • The life insurance industry provides 1,300 WY residents with jobs, including 800 direct jobs.
  • The average WY policy is worth $125,000.
  • Life insurance companies fuel the WY economy with $12 billion in investments, most of which is in stocks and bonds that finance job creation and services in state.
  • Life insurers financed $180 million in local WY mortgages for farms, homes and businesses.

When you purchase a life insurance policy, you are investing in your family's future. The money that your policy pays out upon your death or at retirement can help pay off your house, solidify your family business or send your kids to college. The money you pay into your life insurance policy also funds the future of Wyoming by investing in local businesses, real estate, homes and jobs. It's a good financial move for just about everyone involved.


Save on Life Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Who Needs Life Insurance?

If family depends on your income for financial support, even in part, or they would have a hard time paying for your funeral and final costs, you probably need life insurance. Even if you live alone, a life insurance policy can serve as a safe way to save for retirement.

Many people assume they do not need to think about life insurance until they are nearing the midpoint of their careers. However, young people are in the best position to lock in a low rate on a permanent life insurance policy while they are still healthy. Great rates become more difficult to find as you age, but even if you are not in good health, you can usually find an affordable term life policy to protect your family.

What Is Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance is a temporary policy with a set expiration date. Terms may last between 5 and 20 years. At the end of the term, you might be able to renew the policy, but your rate will probably change as you grow older and your risks increase. Most term life policies pay a simple death benefit. Some of the benefits of choosing a term life policy include the following:

  • Relatively low cost for large amounts of coverage
  • Covers your family during the time they need you most
  • Easy to purchase in most cases
  • Can be cashed out if necessary

Getting quotes on a term life policy is often quick and easy and may not even require a health examination.


Save on Life Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Is Permanent Life Insurance?

Unlike term life insurance, permanent life insurance policies are meant to continue for the rest of your natural life or until you reach the age of 100. Usually, your rate is fixed. This is good news for you because, as you age, you can still pay the price you paid when you were young and a low risk. Depending on your age and the policy you want, you might need to undergo a medical evaluation to determine your premium. There are several types of permanent life insurance, including the following:

  • Whole life: This is a steady, low risk policy that invests your money in conservative bonds and assets. You may be able to borrow against this policy, if necessary, because it accrues a cash value that you can cash out.
  • Universal life: This is a more flexible policy that allows you to adjust your monthly rate and choose from a variety of payout options. You can even use this type of policy as a form of retirement annuity later in life. Universal life policies tend to make for more fluid, aggressive investments, which can mean more growth for you.

Which Life Insurance Is Right for You?

If you're young and fit, now is the best possible time to get started on a permanent life insurance policy and to pay the same low rate your entire life. If the cost of a policy is a big concern, you may be better off with an inexpensive term life policy.

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