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If you are a security guard working in the United States, you are one of over a million people protecting buildings, organizations, and people. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the number of contracted security personnel is rising, and the number of independent security guards is also increasing as individuals provide security services to their communities.

When it comes to insurance, security guards are in a unique situation. Some security personnel may have insurance that is provided to them by their employers, while others may have to seek insurance that fully protects them in their line of work. 

Security guards face risks that others in the workforce do not; the very nature of their jobs puts them in dangerous situations, which could impact their insurance rates.

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Insurance Policies Security Guards May Need

As a security guard you have a certain amount of professional liability. Your occupation is inherently riskier than most, since you are tasked with protecting property, a business, or people from harm. You may be static or mobile, serving as a bodyguard, or simply being a presence in a location just in case of emergency.

Whether you are purchasing your own insurance or are under an employer’s policy, as a security guard, you should make sure you are covered for various risks faced on the job. Consider insurance policies that include the following components:

These are a few important coverages that security guards should consider.

Auto Insurance for Security Guards

Some security guards use a patrol car, golf cart, or other motorized method of transporting themselves around the site they are protecting. 

While employers should have insurance on the vehicle if they are providing it for a guard’s use, the policy should also cover third-party drivers, and provide collision protection and uninsured motorist protection.

If you are a security guard working independently, you may use your own vehicle for work. This is an important consideration when purchasing auto insurance, as you will be using your vehicle for both personal and professional reasons.

Insurance for Security Guards is Changing

An increasing number of security guards and companies are arming their security personnel, which has caused an increase in insurance premiums for some security guard insurance programs. 

Guards with firearms may be better able to defend themselves against armed attackers or thieves, but the chances of injury or death also increase.

Life insurance is an important addition to coverage for any individual, regardless of profession. Given the risks inherent in your work, life insurance could greatly assist your family if something happens to you while at work. 

Unfortunately, you may face situations that include the threat of violence when a criminal is apprehended, illegal activity, vandalism, theft, or bodily harm of a person in your care. 

All of these factors increase your risk of injury or death, which is another reason security guards should consider getting a life insurance policy.

Security Guard Insurance Coverage for Independent Contractors

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports over a million security personnel working in the United States, this doesn’t include independent contractors or those who freelance as security guards. 

If you are an independent contractor, you may have to find your own insurance in order to be financially protected while on the job.

Two important insurance policies to keep in mind as a security guard are property insurance and general liability insurance. When taking care of a building or business, property could be at risk of vandalism or burglary. 

General liability insurance and professional liability insurance could protect a security guard against errors in their reports as well as situations they have no control over that result in damage or injury.

  • General liability insurance. This provides protection against liability that may arise over the course of employment. Guards are often asked to write down what they did and saw in comprehensive shift reports, but eyewitness accounts of accidents or even routine events can be faulty.
  • Professional liability insurance. This provides coverage for situations where inaccurate advice was given, a guard was negligent in their duties, or a situation was misrepresented.
  • Property insurance. This protects the area in question if a guard isn’t able to secure the site or is unable to prevent an act that causes damage to the property.
  • Automobile insurance. This helps protect the vehicles a security guard may drive during the course of their job.
professional liability

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Find the Right Security Guard Insurance Coverage

Our independent insurance agents can help you make the right decisions when it comes to finding security guard insurance programs. 

Whether you work part-time or full-time as a guard, are self-employed, or work for a security company, our agents can make sure you are getting the best deal on insurance for security guards and that you have complete coverage no matter what your situation. 

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