Does Renters Insurance Cover a Stolen Bike?

(Here's what you need to know)

Written by Ashley Surinak
Written by Ashley Surinak

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paul martin Reviewed by Paul Martin
paul martin
Reviewed by Paul Martin

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Table of Contents

Does renters insurance cover a stolen bike?
What kind of coverage will I have if the bike is stolen from my residence?
Am I covered for bike theft if my bike isn't at my residence?
What if I own an expensive bike - is that covered?

Does renters insurance cover a stolen bike?

I've started thinking a lot about the different types of coverage I receive under my renters insurance policy, especially because my personal property isn't always at my residence. 

For example, I bike to work every day and leave it outside when I'm there. I live in the city and bike theft can be a huge problem. Am I covered if my bike gets stolen? 

The short answer is yes, renters insurance covers personal property both on and off the premises including a bike. Remember, as long as your personal property is damaged or destroyed due to a named peril, you're in the clear. Theft is generally a named peril in almost all policies.

Of course, there are factors that will affect how much coverage you have depending on where the bike is stolen and how expensive the bike is. I'll discuss all of that in greater detail below.

What kind of coverage will I have if the bike is stolen from my residence?

If your bike is stolen from your primary residence, you'll receive coverage for the full replacement cost (or up to the policy limit if the replacement cost is above that limit). 

As such, it's important you consider the value of the bike when you're determining how much coverage you want. It's too easy to underestimate how much coverage you need. If you don't take the time to do so, you may find that you don't have enough coverage if and when a bike theft occurs. 

Am I covered for bike theft that isn't at my residence?

Yes. This is a relief for a lot of people because while bike theft can happen at your residence, it isn't likely. It's far more likely that your bike is going to get stolen when you're out using it. 

Or for some, the concern is that it could be stolen from a storage unit. In any case, you're still covered even if the theft isn't at your primary residence.

The catch to off-premises theft is that you won't get the same amount of coverage. Instead, you'll be eligible to receive a certain percentage of your personal property coverage. For example, a lot of policies will allow you to recover 10% of the personal property policy limit. 

This means that if your personal property limit is $25,000, you could recover up to $2,500. Every policy differs in this coverage so it's best that you speak with your independent insurance agent to discuss what your policy offers.


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What if I own an expensive bike - is that covered?

Yes, but again only to the certain policy limit. If you've invested in a bike that's worth $5,000 and it's stolen while you aren't at your primary residence subject to the policy I discussed directly above, you'll still only receive $2,500 in coverage.

If you have an expensive bike, the best thing for you to do is discuss additional coverage with your independent insurance agent. You may want to purchase a rider policy for additional coverage if you're concerned about theft and the cost of replacing your bike.

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