RV Breakdown Insurance

Coverage for your motorhome when you need it most

Written by Jessica Huneck
Written by Jessica Huneck

Jessica Huneck is an insurance writer from TrustedChoice.com. She began her writing career in 2011 and has since earned herself a bachelor's degree in English writing.


When you're driving your RV on a perfect summer day, you haven’t got a care in the world. That is, until you break down on the side of the road in need of assistance. In moments like these, motorhome breakdown insurance suddenly becomes a high priority.

Gain peace of mind during your travels by ensuring you have motorhome breakdown coverage in place for those “what-if” situations when you’re far from home. 

Thankfully, you can get help determining your insurance needs and searching for the right policy. Just contact an independent agent in our network to get motorhome insurance quotes for the coverage you really need.


Save on RV Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What You Face When Your Motorhome Breaks Down

  • Removing your vehicle from the roadside
  • Transporting your RV to a repair shop
  • Scheduling repair for the earliest possible time
  • Ensuring the safety of your family and possessions while your motorhome is fixed
  • Finding accommodations while RV repairs take place

A motorhome can break down for a variety of reasons and at any time of the day, wherever you may be. The cost of towing your vehicle can be extremely high because these large vehicles often require special tow trucks. 

RV roadside insurance can help you get out of a jam, whether it’s a quick battery jump, a flat tire fix or towing for mechanical repairs.

What Does Motorhome Breakdown Insurance Cover?

Since traveling with your RV puts added strain on its internal components, it’s important to have a plan in place for how you will handle mechanical or electrical breakdowns.

While motorhome breakdown insurance varies by carrier and by policy, coverage commonly includes:

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Battery failure
  • Insufficient fuel or oil
  • Flat tire

Certain RV roadside assistance policies also cover a lockout or entrapment in snow, mud, sand, or water if you’re within 100 feet of the road. Some breakdown policies may also include benefits such as roadside recovery costs, emergency accommodation, or replacement drivers. 

Not all policies include the same conditions, so it’s important to review your options for RV mechanical breakdown insurance with a knowledgeable agent.

Breakdown Coverage and Dealer Warranties

Statistically, most RVs will break down by their eighth year. Even owners in their second year have about a 30 percent chance of experiencing a breakdown. And, unfortunately, repairs for any type of RV breakdown are very expensive.

Breakdown repairs on the road are often more expensive than repairs for a stationary RV at your home. Breakdown coverage could save you a lot of money over the course of your life as an RV owner. 

This is especially true since policies are often available for less than $100 per year. These policies typically cover breakdowns in both United States and Canada.

You may have purchased an extended warranty from your dealer under which certain motorhome breakdowns are covered. Unless specified, extended warranties are only service plans and not policies that comply with stringent insurance regulations. 

Review your extended warranty to ensure you have the motorhome insurance protection you need without purchasing additional coverage.


Save on RV Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Considerations for Motorhome Breakdown Insurance

If you are looking for motorhome breakdown insurance, you may be wondering where to start in your search for the best policy. Should you buy RV insurance coverage from a big name insurance company or through an independent agent?

Many people are surprised to find, when they begin looking for the right insurance coverage for their needs, that independent agents can often provide the best coverage at the best rates. 

This is because they work with multiple top insurance companies and can compare policies, options and available RV insurance discounts to get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. 

Additionally, if you work with a local independent agent in our network, you will have a dedicated agent advocating for you.

An independent agent can be a great resource when purchasing any type of RV insurance, including collision, comprehensive, liability, and motorhome breakdown insurance. 

Your local agent can answer your questions and ensure that you are in compliance with all local insurance requirements. Contact an independent agent in your area today.

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