How Do I Stay Safe in a Flood?

Written by Ashley Surinak
Written by Ashley Surinak

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Staying safe in a flood is all about preparedness. The time to prepare is now so if a flood hits, you know exactly what to do and when. Here are some basic tips about staying safe in a flood:

  • Get to a safe location: Identify a safe location before the flood hits, then get to it as quickly as possible. The best place to stay is on high ground. Keep in mind that just a foot of water can move your car in a flood. While it's best to stay in your car during the flood, if the water continues to rise you should move to the roof or higher ground.
  • Evacuate when told: You don't always have to evacuate. If you're told to evacuate, do so. Don't be one of those people who thinks it's unnecessary.
  • Never go through flood waters: Whether you're on foot or in a car, don't go through flood waters. There could be animals, debris, or any number of dangerous contaminants in the water. There's no way of knowing what's inside or how deep the water goes either. That being said, it's always best to find an alternate route.

These simple tips will keep you safe if a flood hits. After the damage is done, be sure to document it to submit a claim under your flood insurance. If you still haven't purchased a flood policy, talk to an independent insurance agent about whether you're required to buy flood insurance or should even if it's not required.

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