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When you buy an off-road vehicle there are many costs involved, from the purchase of the ATV itself, to registration, upgrades, and fuel – and then, there’s insurance. 

Regardless of whether you are required by state law to buy a minimum amount of coverage, it is wise to have a policy that will pay for damage to your vehicle or to another person and their property if you cause an accident.

Let’s talk about ways to save on your quad or 3-wheeler insurance. To find the best ATV insurance deals and the right policy for you, contact an independent agent

With more than 27,000 agency locations nationwide, independent insurance agents can compare coverage and rates from multiple insurance companies and find an affordable plan that fits your needs and budget.

Top Three ATV Insurance Discounts

  • Multi-policy discounts
  • Good driver discounts
  • Discounts for making a one-time annual payment

Get Low-Cost ATV Insurance by Choosing the Right Vehicle

One of the surest ways to save on your insurance costs is to choose an ATV with a smaller engine. The more powerful the off-road vehicle, the more you will pay in insurance. 

The reason for this is fairly simple. If you plow into a barn or another vehicle on a 300 cc 3-wheeler, you can only do so much damage. An 800 cc quad, by comparison, can cause more property damage and bodily injury.

Get More Affordable Insurance with Safe Driving Practices

You may be eligible for a safe driver discount if you have an excellent automobile record. Drivers with traffic violations, accidents, or DUIs are usually considered to be a much greater risk by insurance companies. 

If your driving record has been in good shape for at least two years, you may pay less for your insurance than if you have marks on your record. Ask your agent about good driver discounts.

Taking a course on ATV safety is a smart idea, because it can save you money in the long run. Ask your agent about discounts for safe drivers and those who have taken an ATV safety course. 

Whether you are riding trails recreationally on a 3-wheeler or you are working as a farmhand on a quad bike, knowing good riding practices can make a difference in your off-road safety.

Bundle Your Policies to Save on Insurance Costs

When you bundle policies together, such as your home, auto and off-road vehicle coverage, you should be able to get a better deal on your ATV insurance. Your agent can advise you on additional discounts and ways to save.

Pay-in-Full Annually

One way to save money is to pay your policy all at once, instead of in monthly payments. Your insurance provider may give you a reduced rate for an annual payment. Paying in two equal payments can also get you a discount on your coverage, since the processing fees to handle your policy are cheaper for the insurance company.

Save on Insurance with an Anti-Theft Device

You can potentially get a discount by making it difficult to steal your off-road vehicle, or installing a GPS tracking device that makes it easier to find if it has been stolen. 

Before purchasing anti-theft equipment, talk with your agent about whether the upgrade you are considering qualifies for a discount. Certain models may not qualify, or may need to be professionally installed.

Partnership Organizations and Riding Associations

If you belong to a riding association, professional organization or union, you may be eligible for a membership discount. Check with your agent to see if your organization is included, or if joining a riding group would qualify you for cost savings.

Ask for a Sign-On Discount

If you are buying your ATV insurance for the first time, or you have decided it is time to switch to a new agent or insurance company, you may be eligible for a sign-on discount. Contact an independent insurance agent to ask whether a new customer discount is available.

An agent in your area can help you get the right coverage for your needs at a reasonable rate. ATV insurance can be very affordable if you review your options carefully and find all available discounts. Contact an independent agent for free quotes today.

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