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Written by Marty Agather
Written by Marty Agather

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When you’re in the military, the majority of your needs are taken care of, including inexpensive life insurance that covers you and your family. However, when you leave the military and start to transition back into everyday civilian life, it can be difficult. And finding the right insurance policies is one of the challenges you may face.

So, to help you find the right life, auto, and home insurance for your needs, we’ve put together this handy resource guide which provides you with a huge range of information on what’s available to you. This includes government policies and private policies as well as step-by-step guides on what to look for in any insurance policy.

Life Insurance Resources for Veterans

As a veteran, you’ll be provided with insurance benefits, just like you are when you’re serving in the military. However, when you’re no longer in service and you need life insurance, you may need to take out your own private insurance to cover all bases.

Below, you’ll find detailed resources on the types of government schemes available as well as advice on getting your own private insurance.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - This resource provides in-depth advice on the life insurance benefits provided by VA, while also covering who’s eligible and how you can apply. - A fantastic guide on what life insurance options are available for ex-military personnel and their families. It covers the life insurance that all military members are automatically enrolled for as well as the benefits of private coverage options, too. - Some veterans, or the dependents of some veterans, are eligible for life insurance policies through VA. This website helps you look at your options, manage your policy, and file any claims. - Here you’ll find a guide on the types of life insurance available and the advantages of each, before reading a summary on the best type of insurance for your needs. - This article covers the topic of whether PTSD affects your ability to secure life insurance. It tells you what to look out for in your policy and what options are available for those with PTSD.

Veterans’ Life Insurance Handbook - Produced by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, this handbook is a comprehensive guide to the life insurance programs available for service members and veterans. It provides everything from life insurance facts to program descriptions. - Discussing the best types of life insurance for military families, this guide explores whole and term life insurance. It explains the difference between the two, the benefits of both types, and what to look out for when getting a new policy. - Find information on the types of military life insurance available, what to look for in military dependent insurance, and how to get the best military insurance plans. - Visit this page to find out what benefits you’re entitled to. It also includes an overview of each type of program available, including the United States Government Life Insurance and National Service Life Insurance. - A guide that covers life insurance for military members, including SGLI and Death Gratuity. It explains how veterans can protect their families and how they can make sure there’s enough money to see them through. - Here you’ll find an overview of the different types of veterans’ life insurance on offer, including previous VA programs and all the current ones. - This covers all the different types of personal insurance available, but also includes a section on life insurance for veterans and military personnel. The general section on life insurance also provides some great tips and advice. - This article goes into detail about the Service Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI) program, including who’s eligible and the different aspects included in this type of insurance. - You might also find this resource useful as it details health care coverage options available for veterans, including those who have enrolled in the veterans’ health care program or TRICARE and those who aren’t covered.  

Auto Insurance Resources for Veterans

Auto insurance is another thing you can’t avoid, with liability insurance being the minimum requirement in most states. The below guides tell you what to look for in an auto insurance policy and explain what potential discounts may be available to veterans. - A resource that covers what type of car insurance is best for veterans and what considerations you need to make when shopping for this. It also includes some top tips on finding the best deal. - An overview of the perks and benefits available to veterans and military personnel when shopping for car insurance. - Here you’ll find three helpful tips on how you can get cheap car insurance as a veteran, including shopping around, considering a specialist insurance policy for ex-service members, and looking for other types of discounts. - This guide covers what you need to look for in auto insurance policies as a veteran, including finding an insurer who understands your lifestyle and who offers benefits to those who are or have served their country. - This provides a great overview of what coverage is available in your auto insurance, including property damage liability and bodily injury liability, it also offers advice on what coverage is best to have. There’s a handy guide to buying auto insurance, too, which covers how much coverage you should carry and the potential questions an insurer may ask. - Although this is a general guide for everyone, it’s definitely worth a read because it goes into detail about finding cheap car insurance that’s in keeping with your needs. - Discover the discounts you may be entitled to as a veteran with this article. It includes the types of coverage available, a checklist on what to look out for, and where to find military-rate discounts.  

Home Insurance Resources for Veterans

Whether you’re buying a new home or you’re looking to update your existing policy, homeowners insurance isn’t something you can't-do without. In some cases, you might even need to get this insurance in place before you purchase a property.

To help you find the right insurance as a veteran, here are some handy resources that’ll help you get the best deal and most thorough policy. - Discover nine ways to save on your next home insurance policy as a veteran. This includes looking at insurance options before buying your home, buying your auto and home insurance policies from the same company, and insuring your home - not the land. - This general advice covers five ways you can save on your home insurance policy, including looking at any memberships you’ve had as a veteran that may entitle you to discounts. - Find great advice on home insurance policies for military personnel, including full home insurance and renters insurance. - This homeowners insurance buying guide from Consumer Reports features advice on how to maximize your protection, get the best deal, and reduce the risks associated with these types of policies. - This guide is great if you’re a veteran who’s buying a new home as it covers the entire process, including the benefits of VA home loans, homeownership costs, and why you should use your veteran benefits.

Additional Resources

Here you’ll find some added resources that offer everything from general advice for your finances to how to find the right insurance policy. - As a comprehensive financial guide for veterans, this resource covers everything from healthcare to keeping on top of your finances. It also talks about other important aspects such as what to do with your career and retirement funds. - When buying insurance you need to ensure you’re finding the most affordable and trustworthy company. This guide tells you what types of insurance are available, how to shop for insurance, and how to get the best rates. - For more advice on any financial challenges you may be facing, visit this website by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It offers a plethora of information about how to protect your finances with resources included for a variety of states. - If you’re looking to take out a VA home loan, this article explains the five things you need to understand before proceeding. This includes your eligibility, the fees, and all of the necessary underwriting requirements.

VGLI Newsletters - To find out if there’s anything that could affect your Veterans’ Group Life Insurance Policy, sign up to these newsletters that are produced by the Office of Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (OSGLI). This will help you keep up to date with any changes that may directly affect you and your family. - Here you’ll find an attorney’s guide to your rights and benefits as a veteran. It includes a number of sections including how to transfer from military to civilian life, what you’re entitled to if you’re disabled, and what insurance policies are available to you.  

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