Taxidermy Insurance

Here's what you need to know about your coverage.

Taxidermy Insurance

You planned the perfect hunt, took down your big prize, and have gone to great lengths to get taxidermy work done so you can display your trophy. The question now is whether your trophy is protected against damage or loss from home fires, water damage, burglaries and other risks.

Taxidermy insurance provides protection by making sure you can recover the monetary value of your trophies if an accident happens.

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You May Need Taxidermy Insurance If…

  • You have invested a significant amount into taxidermy work
  • You have multiple trophies, appraised at a sizeable value
  • Your homeowners coverage is not sufficient to cover the value of your taxidermy

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Taxidermy?

Unfortunately, many hunters mistakenly believe their homeowners insurance policy will cover the loss of their mounted trophies. While most homeowners policies do provide coverage for fire, theft and damage, taxidermy can sometimes be listed as an exclusion. 

It’s important to know the type of coverage you have, as well as its limits and what it protects against.

Additionally, most homeowners policies don’t protect against shipping damage or damage due to flooding. You may determine a separate taxidermy insurance policy is necessary. Taxidermy insurance pays for repairs to damaged trophies as well as replacement costs if your prize is stolen.

Of course, it’s often difficult to place a value on the hunt itself and the memories you have of bagging your prize. Thankfully, memories can’t be destroyed in fires, floods and thefts. 

Still, some insurance policies will pay for a replacement hunt if you’re willing to pay a larger premium. These specialty policies pay the average cost of the replacement hunt and associated expenses as well.

Know the Value of Your Trophies

Have your collection of mounted trophies appraised to ensure you have the appropriate insurance. Be sure you keep an updated inventory of your trophies in case you do need to claim a loss. 

Appraisal documents, photographs and even video can help the appraiser and your insurance company determine the value of your collection, amount of insurance necessary, and your settlement amount if you make a claim.

Insurance policies vary in how they define value for any given item. If you have an “actual cash value” policy, you would receive fair market value of your trophies minus depreciation. 

If you have replacement cost value, you would receive much more in a claim settlement. In taxidermy policies, replacement cost is typically defined as the cost to purchase the item new in the current market.

Certain carriers offer trophy insurance policies that provide comprehensive coverage for an agreed upon value. Trophy replacement insurance policies cover the risks that your homeowners policy may not. 

Just be aware that most policies require you to pay a deductible before a claim is paid.


Save on Home Insurance

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Your Options for Securing Trophy Replacement Insurance

You may realize that insuring your mounted trophies is necessary, but aren’t sure how to find the best policy for your collection. If you work with an agent who represents one specific insurance company, you’ll be restricted to that company’s insurance options. 

Independent insurance agents, however, represent many top companies and can provide multiple quotes so you can compare several trophy replacement insurance policies.

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