Energi, Inc./eMaxx Review- A Complete Insurance Company Review

Pros, cons and what you need to know

Energi, Inc./eMaxx at a Glance

  • Energi, Inc. now operates as eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies
  • eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies is focused on the commercial property and casualty insurance market through its various operating companies
  • The company offers specialty property, casualty, professional lines, transportation, and workers’ compensation insurance products and services, as well as provides turnkey risk management, claims, marketing, and technology solutions
  • Works with a network of independent insurance agents

Energi, Inc./eMaxx pros: Offers variable cost property and casualty insurance programs, loss prevention/safety programs, and claims management programs to businesses across the US. Developed proprietary technology that drives down expenses and costs. Works with independent insurance agents. 24/7 claims hotline and online claims reporting.

Energi, Inc./eMaxx cons: eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies is not rated by AM Best. The company does not offer extended customer service hours, but it does offer a 24/7 claims hotline.  

What Type of Insurance Does eMaxx Offer?

eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies (formerly Energi, Inc.) specializes in solutions for energy companies within fuel distribution, energy transportation, energy construction, renewable energy, agricultural cooperative, and utilities segments. From its various business units, the company offers auto liability, general liability, excess liability, and workers’ compensation coverage with limits up to $5M.

  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Employers liability insurance
  • General liability insurance (products and completed operations coverage)
  • Pollution liability insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Excess liability insurance

eMaxx also offers builders risk insurance, business owners policies, cyber and data breach insurance, inland marine insurance, professional liability insurance, and property insurance, all for various specialized industry segments. 

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What to Know about eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies

eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies, Inc. offers specialty property, casualty, professional lines, transportation, and workers' compensation insurance products and services, as well as provides turnkey risk management, claims, marketing, and technology solutions. The company serves clients worldwide.

eMaxx has four operating companies to offer its various solutions.

  • eMaxx Insurance Services LLC offers commercial property and casualty insurance programs as a retailer, wholesaler, program administrator, and managing general agent.
  • eCaptiv is a Vermont sponsored captive insurance company with group captive property and casualty insurance programs. 
  • eRisk Solutions provides loss prevention and safety, claims investigation, and oversight along with litigation management programs to affiliated companies and third parties.  
  • eTechnology Services offers underwriting, loss prevention, training, and telematics technology platforms for the insurance vertical.

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What Discounts Does eMaxx Offer?

eMaxx does not publish information about specific discounts or savings opportunities for its customers.

eMaxx Customer Service

Here's what to know about the customer service options for eMaxx.

  • Phone and email contact options are available, but specific hours of service are not published
  • The company also offers an online claims portal and eLiveConnect via its online customer portal


Monday-Friday Not specified

Saturday Not specified

Sunday Not specified

eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies FAQ

What is eMaxx’s average claims response time frame?

eMaxx does not publish an average claims response time.

What is eMaxx’s customer service availability?

eMaxx offers customer service by phone and email. It also offers an online customer portal that includes a claims portal and eLive Connect.

What is eMaxx's claims process?

eMaxx clients can call the company’s 24-hour claims hotline to report any type of claim. High priority claims should be reported via phone so they can be expedited.

The company also provides online claims forms that can be easily faxed or emailed for processing.

Does eMaxx create a user-friendly experience for customers?

The company offers a variety of customer service options and convenient online claims filing. The 24-hour claims hotline lets customers expedite priority claims. eMaxx also offers a useful online portal for customers, as well as phone and email service capabilities.

Does eMaxx have good workers’ compensation insurance?

eMaxx does not publicize details about its workers’ compensation programs or other insurance solutions. But workers’ compensation programs vary according to state laws, and as such, its programs can be expected to comply with your state’s requirements. The company specializes in workers’ compensation insurance for the energy industry.

Is eMaxx a good insurance company?

eMaxx may not be the ideal insurance company for every business, but if you fit the company’s underwriting profile, it can be considered to be a good insurance company.

eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies Customer Reviews

No customer satisfaction reviews were found for eMaxx or Energi, Inc.

TrustedChoice.com's Final Review

We award Energi, Inc./eMaxx a final rating of 2.0 out of 5 stars. Clearly the company has a great deal of expertise and success in serving the energy industry. It’s four operating companies each specialize in unique areas of insurance and risk management, and the company is known for offering innovative technologies to reduce expenses and reduce losses for its customers.

eMaxx offers 24/7 claims reporting, a customer portal, and numerous customer service options. But a lack of information about product specifics and customer satisfaction makes it difficult to examine and evaluate the company’s products or the experiences of its customers. We were also unable to ascertain an AM Best rating for this company.

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