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Breakdown from the CEO of

As CTO at, technology is always on my mind. But I’d like to challenge you to stop for a minute and think about your personal digital habits…

…how many different digital devices, such as your PC, tablet, mobile phone or IoT device, did you use in your daily life last week as compared to five years ago? 

If your habits have evolved with tech, you’re the norm.

Today, more people are accessing more digital information on more digital devices than ever before—and with our ‘always-on’ culture, expectations for delivering a great online experience are high.

Flexible, scalable technology 

To outpace the pace of digital technology, we tackled an ambitious rebuild of our content management system, or CMS, from the ground up. For those interested in the backstory, you can read more about that here

Many hands contributed to the project, but our consumer content and dev teams led the platform upgrade, which is now powering digital content on since Thursday, Feb. 15.

The team built a completely customized front-end solution, replacing a rigid, off-the-shelf software that hampered customization and functionality. We now have the highest level of flexibility and performance-tuning capabilities, allowing us to adapt quickly to Google’s ever-changing SEO algorithms.

While it’s early days, we’re really excited about how we can rapidly display content in any format, from anywhere and to any device, all while tracking visitor engagement to best optimize the online experience.

The upgrade has no impact on how we deliver referrals—how you receive referral notices and our Appetite Engine algorithms are unchanged.

What has changed, in addition to fast, flexible content delivery, is our ability to continually enhance an online buyer’s customer experience on—which positively influences referral volume.

Along with, another benefit is the ability for our new platform to support multiple websites with ease, such as content delivery to Agency Nation.

Data-driven customer experience 

While much of the new CMS technology is “under the hood”, a valuable benefit is our ability to track a variety of metrics.

From demographic information to dynamic content testing, the new platform gives us extreme flexibility in creating the best digital experience based on consumer analytics, the latest SEO trends and easily scaling content to many channels. 

I invite you to check out the new consumer experience by visiting and looking around.

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