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It is always a good idea to carry insurance to cover the cost of repair or replacement.


All terrain vehicles, better known as ATVs, require insurance in some states. Although West Virginia does not require insurance coverage, it is always a good idea to carry insurance to cover the cost of repair or replacement, or the damage you may cause to other people or property. Before you search for ATV insurance quotes, careful research will help you find the coverage options that are best for you.

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What Is ATV insurance?

Whether your ride is brand new or you've had it for a while and can't imagine life without it, buying ATV insurance is the best way to cover your four-wheeler (and yourself) when you are out on one of West Virginia's majestic trails.

ATV insurance protects you from paying exorbitant amounts of money should your all terrain vehicle become involved in an accident that causes damage to another person or property. It can also help defray the cost of repairing your ATV.

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What Types of ATVs Are Insurable?

ATVs come in many different shapes and sizes in West Virginia. ATVs are designed and manufactured for different uses including racing, pit-vehicle use, recreation, hunting, ranching, military, emergency services and industrial.

While the most common type of ATV is of the four-wheeled variety, there are also ATVs that come with three, six or even eight wheels. And there are some eco-friendly ATVs hitting the market that run on batteries.

ATVs range in size from 50cc youth ATVs to 700cc sport quads, 800cc UTVs and side-by-sides going over 1,000cc.

You can find an insurance policy in West Virginia to cover the following types of ATVs:

  • Three-wheelers
  • Four-wheelers
  • Racing models
  • Utility vehicles (UTVs)
  • Side-by-sides
  • Snowmobiles

Do You Need ATV Insurance?

As an ATV owner, you need to keep a couple of things in mind:

  • ATVs have a high rate of theft.
  • Your homeowners insurance may not cover your ATV if you ride it off your property or if you trailer your ATV to another location.
  • If you use your ATV in a state-owned or public park, you may have to insure it with ATV insurance.

When Don't You Need ATV Insurance?

Believe it or not, you may not need ATV insurance. Some circumstances may not require you to have an ATV policy:

  • When you will ride only on your own land
  • When you will not ride your ATV
  • When you will be using your ATV for farm work on your own farm

It is sometimes more cost-efficient to allow your umbrella coverage to protect your ATV, as opposed to having an actual ATV policy. Your ATV insurance will cover someone injured on your ATV, vandalism, theft or damage to your ATV. Double-check with your agent to know for sure.

What Does ATV Insurance Cover?

Much like car or motorcycle insurance, most West Virginia insurance companies offer a variety of ATV coverage options, including the following:

  • Comprehensive: In most circumstances, comprehensive ATV insurance coverage pays when an event other than collision, such as fire, theft, vandalism, flooding or an animal damages your ATV. You pay the deductible you choose, and your ATV insurance covers the rest.
  • Collision: Collision pays for significant damage to your ATV if you hit another vehicle, a tree, rock, stump, fence post or other object. You pay the deductible, and your collision coverage pays for the rest.
  • Bodily injury & property damage liability: This coverage pays when your ATV injures someone or damages property. Liability coverage also protects your assets, up to the limits you choose.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist: If the person at fault for an accident doesn't have insurance (or doesn't have enough insurance), this coverage will pay for injuries and damage you suffer that the at-fault party is legally liable for, such as medical treatment and lost wages. You simply select the amount of ATV insurance coverage you want and have protection up to those limits.
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What Does ATV Insurance Cost?

Due to the wide variety of ATVs sold in West Virginia, it is difficult to calculate an average cost for insurance policies. Generally, the more valuable the ATV, the higher price you will pay to insure it. The types of coverage you choose will also affect how much the policy will cost.

The quotes you get will factor in a few items, including:

  • Your driving history: If you have a number of traffic violations and accidents, insurers consider you a higher risk. Thus, insurers will charge you a higher rate. If you have prior claims on another ATV insurance policy, your rate may also be higher.
  • Your ATV: The make and model of your ATV and its on-road or off-road classification will affect your ATV insurance cost. An all-terrain vehicle with a more powerful engine will often cost more to insure.
  • How often you ride: The frequency of use will make a difference since you are less likely to encounter as many risks if you only travel by ATV occasionally, as opposed to daily.

Start Saving on ATV Insurance

Whether you ride your ATV along the back roads of Clarksburg, WV, or through the wilderness of Burning Rock Off-Road Park, you've worked hard for your possessions and want to be sure you have them for your future travel plans.

Finding the right insurance policy to meet your ATV needs is fast and affordable when you contact a Trusted Choice® independent insurance agent for your free quotes. Our knowledgeable representatives will have you hitting the trails, fully protected, in minutes.

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