Business Insurance in West Virginia FAQ - Quick Answers

Business insurance in West Virginia will vary in cost for every operation. While you can't know your exact pricing without a quote, you can understand risk factors used when rating your coverage:

  • Type of industry
  • Number of employees
  • Gross annual sales
  • Location of business
  • Number of company vehicles
  • Safety practices in place
  • Past claims reported
  • Number of years in operation

In West Virginia, business insurance isn't required unless you meet the conditions below:

While each business will have different needs when it comes to commercial insurance, there are foundational coverages used by most. Here are some policies that could apply to your operation:

West Virginia general liability insurance is usually your primary policy and it helps protect your business in the following ways:

Business health insurance can be purchased through a local independent insurance agent just like your other commercial policies. In West Virginia, you won't be mandated to offer health coverage with fewer than 50 employees.

In West Virginia, Hiscox, Hanover, Travelers, and Nationwide are highly rated among peers for business owners. This is due to their exceptional customer service and claims handling.

Do You Know What Your Business Insurance Covers in West Virginia?

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National Business Insurance Stats

Number of businesses in the US: 30,819,176

Burglary rate per 1,000 residents in the US: 3.76

Auto theft rate per 1,000 vehicles in the US: 2.29

CityNo. of businessesBurglaries / 1,000 peopleAuto thefts / 1,000 cars
  • Charleston, WV
  • Business Insurance Common Coverage Options
  • Property: Charleston sees its fair share of inclement weather. Damage caused by severe storms, high wind, blizzards, and hurricanes can wreak havoc on business property. Fortunately, when you have the right business insurance in place, your company will be able to repair the damage and continue to function without experiencing a large financial loss.
  • Commercial auto: If your business owns a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, you may benefit from having the added liability coverage that comes with a commercial auto insurance policy. Your rates will be based on several factors, including the number and types of vehicles you are covering, details about the employees who will be driving them, and the collision rates where these vehicles will be driven.
  • Workers’ compensation: With few exceptions, all employers in Charleston are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance can pay for medical bills and lost wages if your workers suffer an occupational illness or are injured on the job. Rates are based on your company’s overall payroll and the potential risks faced by your employees according to their job classifications.

  • Huntington, WV
  • Business Insurance Common Coverage Options
  • Property: Businesses in Huntington are at risk of sustaining damage due to a variety of hazards, including accidental fires, severe weather events, and property crimes. As long as your business insurance plan includes a sufficient amount of commercial property coverage, your company should be able to withstand the losses these hazards can cause.
  • Commercial auto: Whether you are insuring a delivery van or a fleet of construction trucks, commercial vehicle insurance can protect your business against financial losses related to liability lawsuits and property damage if a company-owned vehicle is involved in a collision. 
  • Workers’ compensation: In West Virginia, workers’ compensation insurance is required by law for all employers, with a few exceptions. This insurance not only protects your employees from financial losses related to workplace injuries and occupational illnesses, but it also shields your business from potential lawsuits related to these injures.

  • Morgantown, WV
  • Business Insurance Common Coverage Options
  • Property: Your business has invested a lot in its assets such as computers, furniture, tools, inventory, and supplies. Business property insurance can help cover the cost of repairing or replacing this property if it is lost or damaged by a covered event. 
  • Commercial auto: Commercial auto insurance can protect your business from facing unmanageable liability costs if one of your drivers causes an accident while operating a company-owned vehicle. Rates can be influenced by the types of vehicles you are covering. It will cost far more to insure an 18-wheeler than a cargo van since your liability risks are greater with these larger, heavier vehicles.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance: This is designed to cover the cost of medical treatment, disability pay, and other expenses related to injuries or occupational illnesses your employees may suffer in the course of doing their jobs. It is required for nearly all employers in West Virginia. Workers' compensation rates are assigned according to your company’s overall payroll and the types of jobs your employees do.

  • Parkersburg, WV
  • Business Insurance Common Coverage Options
  • Property: You need to ensure that your business assets are sufficiently covered. In addition to covering against crime, your policy can also cover loss and damage due to hazards like inclement weather and accidental fires.
  • Commercial auto: You can't control other drivers, let alone criminals who may decide to take your company car for a joy ride. If your Parkersburg business owns a vehicle or fleet of vehicles, you will need to carry commercial auto insurance that includes, at a minimum, liability and uninsured motorist coverage. Rates for these policies can vary according to the number and types of vehicles you are covering, as well as the risk of collisions and vehicle theft where your employees will be driving them.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance: This covers medical expenses and paid time off for employees who are injured on the job and need medical treatment and time to recuperate. It can shield your company from liability lawsuits related to workplace injuries and occupational illnesses. Rates for coverage can vary significantly from one business to the next, depending on the types of jobs your employees do and your company’s overall payroll.

  • Wheeling, WV
  • Business Insurance Common Coverage Options
  • Property: Floods pose a significant risk to businesses in the Wheeling area. Because flood damage can be extremely expensive, you must include a commercial flood insurance policy in your business insurance policy package. 
  • Commercial Auto: Many businesses in Wheeling have company-owned vehicles. If yours is among them, you will need to insure these cars, vans, buses, or trucks with a commercial auto insurance policy. Doing so can prevent your business from facing a financially devastating lawsuit if one of your drivers causes a serious accident. 
  • Workers’ compensation insurance: This covers medical bills, disability pay, and other related expenses for workers who are injured while doing their jobs. In the worst cases, this insurance can also cover funeral expenses and compensation for surviving family members. Rates for this coverage are assigned according to your company’s overall payroll amount and the types of jobs your workers do.