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Finding the Best Landscaping Insurance

(Because things can get messy when you’re playing in the dirt)

Greg Lewerer | June 21, 2018
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Making an outdoor environment more aesthetically pleasing doesn’t just involve shrubs, mulch and river rock. It also involves the use of tools and heavy machinery like lawnmowers and chainsaws. One false move could quickly turn a jobsite from a Pinterest-worthy landscape to lawsuit-worthy accident.

That's why it's important to know about the different types of landscaping insurance available. Our independent agents are here to eliminate the hassle of searching on your own by walking you through a handpicked selection of top policies for you. 

What Is Landscaping Insurance?

Basically, landscaping insurance is designed to protect your business against property damage caused by an employee while on the job, bodily injury to someone (employee or third party) on a jobsite, advertising injury, and products/completed work produced/sold by your company.

Is Landscaping Insurance Mandatory?

Kind of. Any business that deals with customers or sells goods will have contracts, loans or leases that require general liability coverage. Also, almost all states require workers' comp for employees. With those in the bag, it will most likely make sense to go for a full package of coverage.

Who Needs Landscaping Insurance Coverage?

Any type of business that deals with rocks, grass, trees, dirt, blades and bulldozers should at least have a quick chat with an independent agent about coverage. 

Ideal candidates for coverage:

  • Landscapers
  • Landscape architects/designers
  • Arborists
  • Tree trimmers
  • Lawn irrigation contractors
  • Professional lawn mowing services

Insurance for Everyone.

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Why Do I Need Landscaping Insurance?

Working outside can be amazing, what with the fresh air, sunshine and exercise. However, it can be a dangerous job with dangerous equipment, dangerous tasks and dangerous materials. If you want to keep your business on the sunny side, the proper coverage will help protect you from whatever misfortune comes your way. 

What Does Landscaping Insurance Cover?

Typically, for small to midsize companies, standard forms of coverage are bundled into a business owners policy (BOP), but you will need additional standalone policies to fully protect the unique risks of landscaping.

A business owners policy will usually include the following:

  • General liability: Protects against lawsuits related to injury/property damage or if your advertising causes reputational harm to another person or company.
  • Property insurance: Covers damage to your building or equipment on your property.
  • Business income insurance: Covers up to a year of loss of income due to any insured property loss.

Standalone policies to consider adding can include the following and more:

  • Commercial auto insurance: This will cover any damage, or theft, to any vehicles you or your employees use on the job.
  • Inland marine insuranceProtects property, equipment and tools moving between jobsites and the business.
  • Installation floater insurance: This is a type of inland marine insurance. It will cover materials and products from the time they leave your property until the time they are installed or used.
  • Workers' compensation: Covers employee’s medical costs, lost wages, permanent disability or death benefits that result from a workplace injury or illness. This coverage is mandatory in almost all states.

How Much Does Landscaping Insurance Cost?

The cost of your policy will depend on a number of factors like the size and location of your business, the amount of coverage, and the equipment you use. Landscaping work is considered to be premium is likely be more expensive than for a low-risk business.

For example: If you’re a 3-person mulch ‘n’ shrub crew that doesn’t use heavy equipment, you might be looking at $1,500 per year, whereas if you’re a 20-person company with 4 crews and use earth-moving machines daily, you could be paying $15,000 annually.

The Benefits of an Independent Agent

Insurance policies can be complex. Searching through options can be confusing, time-consuming and frustrating. An independent agent's role is to simplify the process. 

They will make sure you get the right coverage that meets your unique needs and will break down all the jargon so that you understand exactly what you're getting.

Finding and Comparing Landscaping Insurance Quotes

Our awesome agents will review your needs and help you evaluate which type of landscaping insurance makes the most sense for your business. They'll also compare policies and quotes from multiple insurance companies to make sure you have the best protection out there. Article | Reviewed by Paul Martin

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