How Do Forest Fires Start?

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Q: How Do Forest Fires Start?

A: Forest fires always start one of two ways:

  • Natural causes: These fires are most often caused by natural forces such as lightning, although they can start by spontaneous combustion if there are dry leaves around.
  • Man-made causes: Human-caused fires are more difficult to narrow down in terms of causes. Many are caused by smoking and equipment malfunctions. However, there are any number of ways that a person could start a fire that erupts into a forest fire.

Not every fire in the forest will turn into a forest fire. There needs be a spark, but there also needs to be enough wind and combustible materials to help it grow into a larger fire. Generally, this means that when there are high winds and a lot of dry branches and leaves, there's a much higher chance of a forest fire. 

If your home or business is near a forest and could be damaged or destroyed in a forest fire, discuss your insurance coverage options with a independent agent to be sure you're covered.

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