Concert Insurance

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Concert Insurance

Fans get excited when a big concert is coming to town. Meanwhile the band looks forward to wowing the crowd, and everyone involved in the show prepares for the big night. But what happens when things go wrong? 

For example, what if the show cannot go on because the lead singer falls ill, one of the crew members gets hurt by stage equipment, or fans get rowdy and damage the venue? If any of these things happen, you want to make sure you are protected with the right concert insurance.

An independent agent in our network can help you compare multiple concert event insurance policies and select the one that provides the protection you need. Find an agent now for concert insurance quotes and answers to your questions.

Concert Dangers and Risks

  • Stage falls: GRAMMY-winning producer Greg Ladanyi died when he fell from a stage during a performance by Anna Vissi.
  • Stage collapses: Seven people died and 40 people were injured when a stage collapsed before a Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair in 2011.
  • Audience risks: 100 people were killed and about 200 were injured when pyrotechnics at a 2003 Great White show in Rhode Island caused a fire.

What Is Concert Insurance?

Anytime people gather in large crowds, there are risks, especially when you consider the electricity and equipment needed for lights, sound, special effects and food service. All of these factors increase the risk of accidents and injuries at both indoor and outdoor concerts.

Additional concerns include:

  • Damage to equipment, instruments, stages and scaffolding
  • Injury to stage hands, drivers and technicians
  • Performance cancellation due to weather or a performer's illness

Concert event insurance can protect you and give you peace of mind knowing you, your crew, the concert workers and the fans will be covered if an accident or unforeseen problem occurs. You can typically either buy insurance for a single concert or as a yearly policy for a series of events.


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Concert Liability Protection

Concert insurance is made up of a few different types of coverage that are packaged together to create risk protection for concert performers, promoters and venues.

Liability coverage protects you if a third party is injured during the event, or as a result of the event activities, or if third-party property is damaged and it is deemed to be your responsibility. 

The policy will pay claims and the insurance company's legal counsel will help defend you against liability lawsuits.

The types of liability coverage you may need include:

  • General liability: Protects you from liability claims and lawsuits if you are at fault for property damage or injuries.
  • Liquor liability:
    • Host liquor liability covers issues that may result when an event host provides alcohol on a non-commercial basis.
    • Commercial liquor liability insures vendors who sell liquor at an event.
  • Auto liability: This policy will cover you if you or one of your staff causes injury or property damage in an auto accident in company vehicles or on company time.
  • Third party property damage: Provides coverage if property other than your own is damaged. It can also extend to cover physical damage to the venue.

Property Damage Coverage for Buildings and Equipment

Property damage coverage will protect your investment in your business property due to theft or damage from a covered event, such as fire or severe weather.

You will want to make sure your property damage coverage is designed to replace or repair the following:

  • Your building, if you have one, such as an office building and/or concert venue
  • Instruments and sound equipment
  • Sets and props
  • Wardrobe and costumes

Normally, this policy applies to both rented and owned items, but be sure to review your policy. You may need to add additional endorsements for specific property that is otherwise excluded.

Medical Payments Coverage for Concerts

Medical payments coverage will provide compensation for anyone other than your employees who may be injured. This includes several phases of your event, including:

  • During the concert set-up
  • During the course of the concert
  • While tearing down after the show

This coverage is specifically designed to protect anyone on the premises during the event that is a non-employee, such as spectators, bystanders, other workers and volunteers.

Additional Protection for Your Financial Investment

You may want to consider carrying additional coverage for various costs involved in putting on a music or entertainment event. This may include:

  • Concert ticket insurance to cover printing costs, in the event that the show is cancelled or tickets are stolen or lost in shipment.
  • Event cancellation coverage if you are the owner or promoter of the event.
  • Loss of income coverage to cover your income and operating costs, such as payroll, if you experienced a business interruption described in your policy, such as a fire or severe storm.
  • Workers compensation coverage for your employees, if required in your state. Covers work-related injuries or illness your workers may experience on the job.
  • Commercial vehicle coverage for buses, trucks, and vans that are used for business purposes. This protects your drivers and vehicles if they are harmed or damaged, or if an employed driver causes an accident that results in property damage or bodily injury to others.

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How Do I Find out How Much Concert Insurance Costs?

With any insurance policy, the benefit of the coverage must outweigh the cost for the policy. Concert event insurance is no different and obviously you have many risks you may be concerned about, from liability issues to property damage, medical emergencies concert cancellation and more. 

The cost of your policy will vary depending on how large an operation you run, the coverage options you choose and other factors.

An independent agent can help you compare multiple concert insurance options and prices so you can select the one that fits you for a cost that suits your budget. Find a local member agent today to get your questions answered and get coverage tailored to your needs.

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