AmTrust Insurance Company Review

Written by Maggie Tiede
Written by Maggie Tiede

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AmTrust Insurance at a Glance

  • Specializes in small business and nonprofit insurance
  • Newer company, founded in 1998
  • Global coverage: AmTrust offers insurance in 34 countries
  • Rated A- by A.M. Best
  • Online customer service options if you can't (or prefer not to) speak by phone
  • Partners with independent insurance agents

AmTrust Pros: AmTrust is specialized in everything small business. This means you’re likely to find expert help no matter which niche your business is in. They also provide training and auditing resources to policyholders, helping you keep pace with ever-shifting threats to your business.

AmTrust Cons: AmTrust is a newer company with a less established track record. Its A.M .Best rating was recently downgraded from A to A-, which is an early warning of potential financial problems. An A- rating from A.M. Best is still good, but it’s less stable than many other insurance carriers.

What Type of Insurance Does AmTrust Offer?

AmTrust was founded to meet the needs of small business owners and nonprofits. It offers just about every coverage option a small business could need:

  • Workers' compensation
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Business owners policy (BOP)
  • Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)
  • Excess and surplus insurance
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • State disability insurance
  • Commercial package policies

Whether your small business is well-established or rapidly expanding, AmTrust probably has coverage options for you.

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What to Know about AmTrust

AmTrust was founded in 1998. This makes it relatively new for an insurance company, but it is financially stable, with an A.M. Best rating of A-. A.M. Best is a credit agency that rates the financial strength of insurance companies. An A- rating means that AmTrust’s financial stability is “excellent.”

AmTrust's A.M. Best rating was  recently downgraded due to some financial uncertainty, from an "A" to an "A-". Part of the company was acquired by Liberty Mutual during this time. AmTrust is still considered a stable company, but it’s worth keeping this recent upheaval in mind if you’re considering purchasing insurance with AmTrust.

AmTrust specializes in small business. Small businesses have different needs than large businesses and AmTrust provides highly individualized service in order to meet those needs.

AmTrust partners with independent insurance agents. If you work with an agent who sells AmTrust insurance, that agent can also help you compare quotes from a variety of other insurance companies to make sure you’re getting the exact coverage you want.

AmTrust is a large company. They had a network of over 9,000 insurance agents and over 5,700 employees as of 2019.

What Discounts Does AmTrust Offer?

AmTrust only advertises one discount. All other potential discounts, such as safety discounts, will be specific to your business and the unique risks it faces.

  • Workers' compensation customers get a 10% discount on a business owners policy (BOP)

AmTrust works with independent insurance agents. That means you'll have an advocate on your side when it comes to finding additional discounts for your business.

AmTrust Customer Service

AmTrust has a respectable reputation for customer service, although customer reviews indicate some problems with billing and timely response to claims.

  • AmTrust offers 24/7 claims reporting and online chat services in addition to its customer service line.
  • Hours listed below are for the customer service phone line:

Hours (EST)

Monday-Friday 8am - 8pm (7pm on Fridays)

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

AmTrust works with a large network of independent insurance agents. These agents are industry experts who can advocate on behalf of you and your business, so you can get the most out of your coverage.


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AmTrust FAQ

What is AmTrust's average claims response time frame?

AmTrust responds to claims 24/7. During the claims process, policyholders are given direct access to their assigned claims adjuster by phone and email rather than having to call a general customer service line to check on their claim. Policyholders can also check the status of their claim online.

What is AmTrust's customer service availability?

AmTrust's customer service phone line operates on weekdays only. However, their claims reporting line is open 24/7, and you can send a message to a customer service representative anytime via email or the contact form on their site.

AmTrust also offers a user-friendly chat service on their website if you prefer to communicate by text rather than phone.

What is AmTrust's claims process?

AmTrust requests that customers report all claims within 24 hours, though you may have up to 90 days to report depending on your state. AmTrust will then begin the claims adjustment process. You will have direct access to claims adjusters by phone and email during this process, so there's no need to waste time with an impersonal customer service hotline.

You can report claims to AmTrust via phone, fax or email. AmTrust has a detailed claim reporting guide on their website, which includes information on what you'll need to provide for each type of claim (e.g., workers' compensation, general liability, etc.).

Does AmTrust create a user-friendly experience for customers?

AmTrust has a modern and user-friendly website. Their claims process is electronic and paperless, making it easy for business owners on the go to keep track of claims. Their site is mobile-friendly and can be easily accessed on a smartphone.

There are many billing options to choose from, including mail, phone, online portal and auto-pay options. Workers' compensation policies can even be paid "as you owe" in qualifying states.

AmTrust is very responsive to customer complaints on the Better Business Bureau. Overall, AmTrust has a reasonably good reputation for customer service.

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