Edison Insurance Company Review 2024

We've looked at over 1,000 insurance companies rating them on strength, accessibility, and service to find the best ones. Here's what people think about Edison Insurance Company.
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Edison Insurance Company at a Glance

  • Founded in 2005
  • Focuses on homeowners insurance
  • Coverage available in Florida only
  • Not rated by AM Best
  • Rated "A+" (excellent) by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Edison Insurance Company pros: High rating through the BBB. Offers homeowners insurance and condo owners insurance in Florida. Offers 24/7 online claims reporting.

Edison Insurance Company cons: Several complaints filed through the BBB in recent years. Not rated by AM Best. Coverage available in one state only. Several negative customer reviews.

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What Type of Insurance Does Edison Insurance Company Offer?

Here's an overview of the products offered by Edison Insurance Company.

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Condo owners insurance

Your independent insurance agent can help you find more information about the coverages offered by Edison Insurance Company, and help you decide if this insurance company is right for you.

What to Know about Edison Insurance Company

Edison Insurance Company was founded in 2005, making it one of the younger carriers on the market today. The privately held insurance company is based in Florida and caters its coverage only to its home state. The carrier focuses on providing quality homeowners and condo owners insurance for local residents.

The carrier's LinkedIn network states that Edison Insurance Company employees between 51-200 workers. While Edison Insurance Company is not rated by AM Best, the leading credit organization monitoring the insurance industry, they are highly rated by the Better Business Bureau. The insurance company also proudly declares its "A" (exceptional) rating by DEMOTECH, INC., and that they are only backed by A-rated reinsurance companies.


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What Discounts Does Edison Insurance Company Offer?

Edison Insurance Company does not make information about its specific discounts readily available. However, an independent insurance agent can help find these details for you. Independent insurance agents work hard to find you the most affordable coverage that still gets the job done right.

Edison Insurance Company Customer Service

Here's a breakdown of Edison Insurance Company's customer service options and availability.

  • Phone contact option
  • Fax contact option
  • Snail mail contact option
  • Online claims reporting
  • Phone department customer service hours not specified

To ensure a great customer service experience, work together with an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents can help handle claims and other matters for you, so you can relax and enjoy your coverage.

Edison Insurance Company FAQ

What is Edison Insurance Company's average claim response time frame?

Edison Insurance Company's official website states the following: "Submit your claim via phone or online and we’ll send an inspector out to your home within 72 hours so you can get back to normal."

What is Edison Insurance Company's customer service availability?

Edison Insurance Company allows customers to contact them through several different mediums. The customer service phone department does not specify hours, but the carrier is available through several social media platforms as well.

What is Edison Insurance Company's claims process?

The carrier's official website details their claims process as follows.



Does Edison Insurance Company create a user-friendly experience for customers?

Edison Insurance Company's official website is easy to navigate. However, the carrier would benefit from a bit more detail in regards to their claims process and discount information. The carrier is also available on social media, which makes them more accessible to customers.

Does Edison Insurance Company have good homeowners insurance?

Edison Insurance Company focuses its efforts on two major forms of coverage, including homeowners insurance. The carrier's official website explains that their homeowners coverage comes with the following perks.

"Each homeowners insurance policy offers different protection, but standard policies usually provide:

  • Coverage for damage to your house and any permanent structures on your property (unless the cause of the damage is specifically excluded in your policy).
  • Damage to your personal property due to causes specified in your policy.
  • Coverage for personal liability exposures that arise from being a homeowner.
  • Coverage for additional costs you might incur because of a covered loss.  For example, if you need to temporarily live elsewhere if a fire makes your home uninhabitable."

An independent insurance agent can help you find out more information about Edison Insurance Company's homeowners insurance and other products offered.

Is Edison Insurance Company a good insurance company?

Edison Insurance Company currently only offers coverage in one state and is not rated by AM Best. However, we're more concerned about the complaints filed against them through the BBB and the numerous negative customer reviews. Overall, we're hesitant to call Edison Insurance Company a good carrier.

Edison Insurance Company Customer Reviews

I pay my monthly premium on time every month. I have been a customer for about 5 yrs now. Hurricane Michael come through Panama City, FL, and our home was severally damaged. Edison gave us money to fix some things but not nearly enough. Edison would not give us more money to fix the rest of our home. So we decided to higher a Public Adjuster. I am upset as to why Edison is fighting us on giving us more money to fix the rest of our home. It saddened me as a good standing paying customer why we are being treated this way. I just want my home fixed, it's been 2 yrs since the hurricane.

If I could give this company -100 stars, I would. TWO years in a row now, I’ve received a Notice of Cancellation within 90 days of of policy start. That’s the first red flag. Last year, we were notified 14 days prior to cancellation date if we didn’t get a new roof. Who can even get a permit in that amount of time? Second red flag. We switched providers last year and this year decided to go with Edison because their rates are great and we got a new roof just a couple months ago. Today I received a notice of cancellation for 34 days from now (gee, thanks) because of damaged gutters, soffit, or fascia AND a crack in the driveway or sidewalk. Gutters? Sidewalk crack? Are you out of your mind? The sidewalk is a city problem, not mine. Third red flag. Since we are currently in the age of COVID, no inspector came to my house nor did I ever receive any notification from my security cameras there was someone in my yard. Even if they inspected via drone, how did they see UNDER my roof line and claim I have missing or damaged soffit? Lost count of my red flags. THIS COMPANY IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM. Not sure what they do with our upfront money just to cancel and refund but we’re onto you, Edison. Definitely not a company I want to have my insurance through. Can’t wait to see karma take care of this one.

I would not use this company ever and would not recommend them to anyone! They are rude, unprofessional and rip offs!!! I asked to speak with management and obviously they don't have any because that info is not available to give out from what I was told. I have never dealt with a more unprofessional business in my life. Save yourself the headache and go with a different insurance company.

5 Stars
I see some bad reviews here, but I can only speak to my very recent experience. I had storm roof damage. I filed a claim with Edison. They were extremely expedient in their response and approval of my claim. I could not be happier with the way they have responded and stepped up and took care of the problem. I was actually going to start to shop around to see if there was another company with cheaper rates (not that I consider my rate high). However, after seeing the way Edison handled the one and only issue I've had....I'd be crazy not to stick with them. I am now a big fan.

Promptly received damage review and checks following hurricane Irma. I wish I would have received a copy of the adjusters damage report. I am not sure what was submitted and the adjuster took about 30 days to get report submitted to the insurance company.

TrustedChoice.com's Final Review

We award Edison Insurance Company a final rating of 3 out of 5 stars. The carrier has not been rated by AM Best, however, has a high rating through the BBB. It is concerning, though, that Edison Insurance Company has had several complaints filed against them through the BBB in recent years.

The carrier focuses its efforts on two major forms of coverage in the state of Florida. We like that Edison Insurance Company offers 24/7 online claims reporting for its customers, but we're wary of the numerous negative customer reviews. So, overall we recommend working with your independent insurance agent to survey several options along with Edison Insurance Company when shopping for coverage.

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