The Scariest Hidden Costs of New Year’s Resolutions

(Great success doesn’t come cheap.)
Written by Andrew Bowsher
Written by Andrew Bowsher

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Hidden costs of new year resolutions

This is it. The year you finally tackle that resolution like it was a basket of those crinkle-cut fries. But even if you’ve already spent weeks laying out your whole strategy with flow charts, a minute-by-minute battle plan, and flowery motivational reminders, there’s something you may not have even considered yet. That’s right, the hidden costs. Because despite your intentions, those resolutions can uncover some unexpected costs out of nowhere.

Now, by no means should you dare let this stop you anywhere short of achieving your goals. But when you know they may be on the horizon, you can adjust your plan and push on through straight to your victory lap. So have a look at some of these super-common resolutions and the surprise costs they come with and remember, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

1. Shed Some Pounds

Easily one of the most popular resolutions every year, you gotta be careful what you wish for with this one. Lose 25 pounds and you’ll have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Lose another 25 and you’ll have to do it all over again. And no matter whether you’re a discount store shopper or some tailor-made bespoke junky, that gets expensive.

2. Exercise More (Or, At Least, Start)

Maybe you’re trying to exercise more to lose weight, or maybe you’re just doing it to be healthier. Either way, a good exercise routine can come with some big costs, too. After all, CrossFit comes with some hefty monthly dues, and those Peloton bikes can set you back thousands. Yikes. And if you get super-fit, you’re going to have to spend a ton on bronzer for those fitness competitions.

3. Treat Yo’Self

You deserve the best. So good for you on making your New Year’s resolution all about you. But watch out when it comes to the self-care, because it can easily get pretty carried away. What starts off as a simple massage or a pedi can quickly turn into a sensory deprivation chamber packages and even a costly cult-like “spa” retreat. But hey, you’ll be practically glowing, so it’s totally worth it.

4. Quit Those Ciggies

For the most part, when you finally put the ol’ cigarettes down, it’s nothing but gains. You’re saving money, you can breathe better, and you can wear less cologne and perfume to “cover up” the odor. Really, the worst thing is that you miss out on all those hourly office breaks out back and all the juicy gossip that comes with them. Oh well, at least now that you’re getting so much work done, there’s no need to come in on weekends.

5. Learn How to Save Money, Not Just Spend It

Here’s another resolution where, if done right, you’re saving money, not hemorrhaging it. You’ve quit the two mochas a day and eating dinner out every night, but that comes with it’s own cost—to your happiness. All the great meals you get to experience are gone, the coffee you used to function off of is gone. Sad, really. Maybe give yourself a splurge day once a month, that’ll keep you going for the long haul. Not to mention, help your sanity.

6. %*$#@ Swear Less

Whether it’s to keep the F-bombs away from your kids’ ears or just to stop getting all those dirty looks at church, quitting the swearing can be a good thing. Careful, though, because all those little mini tension releases are just gonna back up inside of you. And they have to come out sometime. Maybe join a kickboxing class to get it all out of you. Of course, that can come with a pretty big %#$^ing cost.

7. Get the Job You Really Want

Feeling underappreciated? Underpaid? Underwhelmed? Maybe it’s time for a new job. Now hopefully you get a bump in pay with your new job, but still, there’s a big change that can come with your new gig. After all, maybe it’s further from home and you burn through more gas. Or maybe you need to buy a whole new wardrobe to fit in with a younger gang. This stuff adds up real quick.

8. Learn a New Skill

If your resolution is to add a hobby or new skill to help spice up a very meh day-to-day routine, you’ll want to be careful. No matter whether you’re talking about crocheting or cosplay, you’ve got a few financial costs to think about. You’ve got supplies, tools, materials and all that, but the biggest cost is going to be your time. Do you have any idea how long it takes to crochet? Or how many hours go into the perfect cosplay outfit? It’s pretty draining. And if you’ve got kids in sports or you work a lot of overtime, you’re going to definitely feel the time crunch here.

9. Travel a Bit More

No matter whether you’ve never traveled outside of the tri-state area or you’ve been a frequent flyer for years, traveling should be a priority on every human being’s list. And maybe that’s your big resolution for the new year—to see more tall monuments, try new exotic foods, and meet a whole bunch of new people. But on top of the cost of those airplane tickets, passports, and immunizations, there’s more to consider, too. What about all the vacation time you burn up, and the new languages to get yourself familiar with, and the germs on airplanes? Gotta watch out for that.

10. Read More Books

So you’re tired of bingeing show after show and want to get back to the days when you read all the time. Good for you. Maybe you even want to do the 52-in-52 challenge where you read one new book every single week. It’s a tall order, but fun to try. Just make sure you understand just how expensive books can be, and times 52 comes to a whole lot. Stick to the library and you’re set. Careful, though, paper cuts are an ever-present hazard, and make sure you’re taking plenty of breaks to get up and stretch, or you’re gonna get some seriously sleepy legs and charley horses.

Time to Level Those Resolutions (with Precautions, Of Course)

It’s important to mention again that this little list of overlooked costs associated with your New Year’s resolutions is not meant to talk you out of achieving your goals. It’s actually to help. You don’t want your journey to hit a snag that causes you to give up and abandon ship, do you? Of course not. By knowing what may come up, you can plan ahead and tackle it head-on. So good luck, and Happy New Year.

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