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Introducing ‘The Independent Agent, REIMAGINED’

Hey, there, if you’re one of the 25,000 regular readers dropping by’s Agency Nation, then you already know that keeping up with all of the great content can feel a bit like this:

That’s why we’re shining a light on the launch of a new Agency Nation video blog (or ‘vlog’) series that we thought would interest you—The Independent Agent: REIMAGINED.

Sharing agent stories for the win’s Ryan Hanley is the creative force behind the new video series, which he describes as ‘independent agents helping independent agents for the win.’

First up in the premiere episode is Spencer Houldin, principal of Ericson Insurance Advisors, who shares what he’s learned growing one of the most respected high net-worth independent agencies in the country—by offering choice, advice and delivering an exceptional customer experience, to name a few.

Behind The Independent Agent: REIMAGINED

We have a well-known fanatical passion for the IA channel, so there’s always inspiration behind every piece of content our team publishes—every podcast, every video, every article, every guest post.

To kick-off The Independent Agent: REIMAGINED series, Ryan explains why he created this new series as part of his vlog, The Show.

How to keep up (or, how to not to feel like you are drinking content from a fire hose)

More episodes of The Show’s Independent Agent: REIMAGINED are dropping soon.

The easiest thing to do to keep up with the series?

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