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PURE is a member-owned insurer designed exclusively for financially successful individuals and families

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Why choose PURE for your insurance needs?

PURE is built on a simple idea: the most responsible owners of the finest built homes deserve to pay less without sacrificing quality of service.

PURE’s unique membership model encourages us to focus on what's right for our members.

We carefully select those who are least likely to have claims, helping us deliver on our commitment to passing underwriting profits on to you as savings.

If your home is valued at $1 million or more, PURE might be right for you.

Our pricing advantages

Thanks to a low cost of capital, careful member selection and proactive risk management, members report an average annual savings of more than 20% on their Homeowners insurance when switching to PURE.

Automobile policies are highly customizable, and pricing is logical. For example, if you have more cars than drivers, you can’t possibly drive them all at once. This lowers each car’s risk of being involved in an accident, and we acknowledge this fact with premium discounts.

PURE’s pricing for personal excess liability coverage is logical and reflects your individual risk factors, such as the driving experience and number of drivers in your household (as opposed to the number of cars in your driveway, which doesn’t present an accurate picture of your risk). In addition, our pricing doesn’t discourage those needing higher limits from selecting the right amount of coverage. Instead, the pricing for our excess policies more accurately reflects the likelihood of the limit being paid out in a claim. This has resulted in an average annual savings of 65% for members who purchase personal excess liability limits above $10M.

PURE aims to charge the right price for your jewelry, art, and collections—one that represents the true risk of loss—not the highest price the market will bear. We take great care to cover your valuables’ risk precisely, at prices designed for sustainability that are often a mere fraction of what is charged by others. This focus on the true risk of loss rewards your responsible behavior. Factors such as updated appraisals, well-protected home safes and a diversified schedule increase savings even more.

Where does PURE do business?

PURE provides the following insurance coverages by state.

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What personal insurance does PURE offer?

Coverage Designed for High Net Worth Individuals

Whether you own multiple homes and vehicles; collect fine art, wine and antiques; or travel extensively, PURE’s suite of products are optimized to help protect you from the risks and liabilities presented by your unique lifestyle. Our product suite includes the following: Homeowners; Automobile; Personal Excess Liability; Jewelry, Art & Collections; Fraud & Cyber Defense; Watercraft; Flood; Condo & Co-Op and Home Systems Protection.

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