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Arizona's hot, dry climate and flat, open plains are perfect for ATV riding. In fact, the state has over 40 ATV and OHV areas, with a large support effort for riders to enjoy the climate, along with being active in conservation.

Arizona has strict laws about ATV and OHV use, including required equipment such as headlights, brake lights, and spark arrestors, along with strict trail usage laws designed to help everyone enjoy the trails and stay safe. Additionally, if you plan to ride your ATV on any public roads, insurance is required by law.

One major part of staying safe on the trails is having insurance covering your ATV activities. With ATV use growing in popularity, accidents are on the rise. If you're involved in an accident on your ATV, being uninsured could prove disastrous for your family's financial picture. ATV insurance protects you from having to pay large sums out of pocket for repairs or medical bills.

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Arizona ATV Facts

  • There have been 289 ATV deaths in Arizona since 1982.
  • All riders under 18 must wear a helmet at all times.
  • Every ATV must be titled and registered in the state of Arizona.
  • The minimum insurance required on ATVs is $25,000 bodily injury liability for one person and $50,000 for two or more persons, and $15,000 property damage liability

Whether you're hitting the trails in the Arizona Strip, or conquering Hualapai Mountain, being safe on your ATV should always be a priority. It is important that you have all the required equipment, along with extra food, water, a fire extinguisher, and a first aid kit. The state of Arizona recommends that these items, plus others, always be taken when using your ATV.

One other important item to have with you is ATV insurance. While everyone tries to be safe on the trails, accidents happen. Having your ATV covered by insurance can give you peace of mind, knowing that repairs will be covered and you won't be financially responsible for hefty judgements or medical bills.

What is ATV Insurance in Arizona?

ATV insurance is a set of policies designed to protect you from the risks you face while using your ATV in Arizona. A typical ATV policy may include the following:

  • Liability: Liability insurance is meant to remedy any damage you cause to property. However, this does not repair your ATV. If you hit someone else's ATV, or damage a fence or building with your ATV, your liability insurance will pay for the necessary repairs to the damaged party's property.
  • Collision: This insurance provides you with protection for your ATV in case of an accident. Whether you hit a rock, building, trailer, or other ATV, you will have coverage to get your ATV repaired.
  • Comprehensive: This insurance is typically required by lenders, since it covers everything other than collision. This includes fire, wind, theft, rain, and arson.
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist: Unfortunately, many ATV riders do not carry enough insurance, or carry no insurance at all. If you're involved in an accident with someone who is underinsured/uninsured, and they are responsible financially for repairs, you may have difficulty getting the funds to pay for the repairs or medical bills. With this coverage in place, you will get help covering those costs.
  • Medical cost coverage: Regardless of fault, if an accident ends in injuries that require medical attention, this coverage can kick in to cover those costs.

What Types of ATVs in Arizona Are Covered by ATV Insurance?

Whatever the type of ATV you own, there is an insurance policy to cover it. The following is a list of ATVs that can be covered by insurance:

  • UTVs
  • Racing ATVs
  • One-person ATVs
  • Multiple person ATVs
  • 3-wheelers
  • Side-by-side ATVs
  • Dune buggies
  • Farm ATVs

This list is not exhaustive, and if you have a custom ATV, or an ATV that's not on this list, it's most likely insurable. It is important that you speak with an insurance agent to get a better idea of the coverage that's right for you.

How Much Is an ATV Insurance Quote in Arizona?

There isn't any exact number for a quote that applies to all ATV owners, since your risks are unique to you. When searching for ATV insurance, be sure to get familiar with the following information in order to get the most accurate quote:

  • Type of ATV
  • Make/model of the ATV
  • Value of the ATV
  • Where the ATV will be stored
  • Where the ATV will be used
  • Who will be riding the ATV
  • The age of riders/drivers
  • The driving records of riders/drivers
  • If the ATV is financed
  • Preferred coverages
  • Preferred deductible

These factors, plus more, will go into calculating a quote that will properly cover you for all your risks.

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Are There Discounts Available for ATV Insurance in Arizona?

Typically, there are many discounts available on ATV insurance policies, including the following:

  • Multi-policy discounts
  • Good driver discounts
  • Discounts for making a one-time annual payment
  • Safety course discounts
  • Military discounts
  • Educator discounts
  • Industry affiliation discounts

When searching for ATV insurance quotes, be sure to ask about any discounts available, along with discounts you may not be aware of.

How Do I Get ATV Insurance in Arizona?

When it comes to insuring your ATV, it's important to have a professional by your side that knows the hobby and understands the risks. A Trusted Choice® agent is always available to help you discuss coverages, suggest discounts, or even help you file a claim.

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