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Pearl City Hawaii homeowners insurance

Pearl City, Hawaii, occupies a large portion of the Pearl Harbor shoreline and once known as the "water of pearls." Only eleven miles from Honolulu, Pearl City has a smaller town vibe.

If you own a home in this small town, proper coverage is needed. An independent insurance agent can help find the best policy and rates. Connect with a local agent today.

How to Safeguard Your Pearl City, HI, Home from Natural Disasters

When you are comparing costs, it's essential to look at coverage as well. If your Pearl City homeowners insurance doesn't protect you and your property from common disasters, it should. Let's look at the facts for Pearl City:

  • Major disasters declared by a president of the US: 14
  • States of emergency declared: 1
  • The number of natural disasters on average: 10

The Most Common Natural Disasters in Pearl City, HI: 

#1  Floods

#2  Storms

#3  Fires

#4  Mudslides

#5  Earthquakes

To have adequate protection from all of Pearl City's catastrophes, you'll need an acceptable policy. Your independent agent can help with home insurance to cover every exposure. 

Extreme weather losses in Pearl City, HI:

  • Property damage: This can result in several coverages needing to be used, one of which is additional living expenses. The coverage will pay for a hotel or rental property until your home is replaced or repaired.
  • Power outages: If your power goes out, it can damage your home appliances and create food loss. Check with your agent on food spoilage and appliance coverage.

Connect with your Pearl City agent to discuss how local catastrophes may impact your home policy.

The Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Pearl City, HI

Since the carriers use individualized rating factors when determining your costs, your premiums are unique. The best way to know if you're getting a fair price is to compare it to the averages:

  • National average: $1,211
  • Hawaii average: $1,102

The state of Hawaii is 27th on the list of highest home insurance premiums. Your costs could be higher or lower than those figures, depending on your exposures. To know your exact pricing, get with your Pearl City agent, and quote your home policy.

Burglaries in Pearl City, HI, and Your Home Insurance

The number of break-ins in an area will cause your premiums to increase or decrease. Let's see how many burglaries per 100,000 households there are:

  • National average: 376
  • Hawaii average: 396.4

Hawaii is slightly higher than the national average when it comes to burglary. Pearl City will likely be close to the state average. It's essential to have your home and personal property protected if a property crime occurs. Discuss scheduling high-value items to avoid a deductible and get the appraised value. Scheduling will cover things like mysterious disappearance and theft. Higher valued items may include some of the following:

  • Furs
  • Jewelry
  • Guns
  • Artwork
  • Furniture
  • Collector items

Scheduling is inexpensive and can cost only a few extra dollars per year. Discuss options with your independent agent and get the coverage for your condo, mobile home, and mansion alike.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Flood Insurance in Pearl City, HI

Flood damage is not a covered loss under your primary homeowners insurance policy. For that, you'll need a separate flood policy. Find out how an independent agent can help you quote flood insurance below:

Step #1  Have your agent look up your flood zone

Step #2  Have your agent quote flood insurance with FEMA approved carriers

Step #3  Purchase flood insurance through your independent agent.

No matter if you are insuring your primary home or landlord policy, you'll need flood insurance to have coverage for any water damage resulting from flooding or severe weather.

Does Your Pearl City Home Policy Have Liability Coverage?

How much liability coverage you need will depend on how much you have to lose. If you own a half a million-dollar house, you'll need more than 100,000 in liability to cover your asset. Let's look at what liability coverage will insure:

  • Protects your finances if you are legally responsible for damage or injury to another person or property
  • Protects members of the household who are legally responsible for damage or injury to another person or property.

Liability claim example:

If your tree falls on your neighbor's car causing property damage. Your liability insurance would apply and cover the loss. Property damage claims frequently occur, so be sure your coverage is enough.

An umbrella insurance policy will give you additional liability limits when you've exhausted your underlying home policy. Check with your local independent insurance agent to get the protection you need. 

Find an Independent Insurance Agent in Pearl City, HI

When you work with a Pearl City independent insurance agent, you get the best of both worlds. You get someone who will shop coverage and rates on your behalf.

An independent agent is free and advocates for you with the carriers. Connect with an adviser on to get started today.

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