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When you live in a state where one fifth of the entire area is covered by water, you almost need a PWC, or personal water craft, to see the all the bits and pieces of Louisiana. The popularity of PWCs has risen dramatically all over the country, but especially in Louisiana. Their small size and power make them easily more navigable than boats, and they require less fuel. Whether you’re cruising across Lake Pontchartrain or traveling downstream on the Amite River, you need to make sure that you have the right Louisiana PWC insurance.

While PWCs are enjoyable, they’re also dangerous, and accidents happen every year.

PWC Laws in Louisiana

  • No one under the age of 16 can operate a PWC.
  • The PWC operator should be able to prove a safety course was taken and passed.
  • Everyone operating or riding a PWC in LA should wear a life jacket.
  • You cannot operate a PWC between sunset and sunrise.

What Models Are Protected by Louisiana PWC Insurance?

You’ve often heard PWC referred to as a Jet Ski, Wave Runner or Sea-Doo, but those are actually brand names of different PWC models. Your insurance will protect your PWC regardless of brand but it’s important to know the exact model of PWC you have. Each has different risks associated with it, which can affect how much coverage you need.

  • Sit Down PWC: Generally meant to hold two people, this type of PWC can travel at fast speeds, and a sudden turn or jerk can send the driver and passenger flying into the water.
  • Multi-Person PWC: Some of these models can hold up to four people and are much larger than a standard sit down model. Wave jumping in these large models is known to cause back injuries.
  • Stand Up PWC: This model is made for one person and you may operate it standing up. It can be difficult to maneuver and you run the risk of a tip-over.
  • Submersible PWC: These models can dive briefly underwater, which increases drowning risks considerably.

Louisiana PWC Insurance Options

Some vehicle and homeowner policies provide coverage for a PWC while it is parked in the garage, or towed on a trailer, but that doesn't mean it is covered on the water. Some policies will specifically exclude PWCs due to their increased risk and if you find yourself in hot water, you may be left to your own devices. If you aren’t sure what’s covered, contact a local agent. Your agent will be able to review your homeowner and vehicle policy to see if you need additional coverage.

If you need to purchase Louisiana PWC insurance, you may need to ask about the following coverage:

  • Property Damage, to cover accidents that damage your PWC
  • Medical Payments, to cover treatment of riders on your PWC after a crash
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Boater, to pay for damage and injury caused by others without coverage
  • Watersport Liability, to cover a claim against you after an accident
  • Towing Assistance, in case of breakdown on the water
  • Pollution Coverage, for fuel spill cleanup

Finding Louisiana PWC Insurance Quotes

To find a policy that fits in your budget, contact a member agent. Of course, your premiums are going to be influenced by certain factors like age and driving history, but your agent will help you locate discounts if possible. You may even end up paying less for better coverage than you had before. If you’re ready to hit the water in your PWC this summer, make sure you have the Louisiana PWC insurance quotes you need. Contact an independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network today.

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