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Most Popular Coverages in Louisiana

Home Insurance

The coverage you need to protect your home and everything in it.

Auto Insurance

The right protection for you, your car and others on the road.

Business Insurance

Broad protection that covers you, your employees, and customers.

Workers' Compensation

Valuable employee coverage for work-related injuries and illnesses.

Home insurance provides a backup plan in case a catastrophe strikes in the neighborhood. Whether it's a fire, high winds, or a burglary, it's covered by a suitable homeowners insurance policy in Louisiana. Home insurance will pay for repairs to the home and replacement of belongings, pay for someone else's injuries on the property when it's the homeowner's fault, and may pay for temporary living expenses if the home is so badly damaged that it's uninhabitable. 

Car insurance rates in Louisiana are among the highest in the nation. The average cost for car insurance nationwide is $1,311. In Louisiana, residents pay an average of $1,774 per year. The best rates can be found by comparing quotes from multiple companies before choosing a policy.

Last year, small businesses in Louisiana made $440 billion. In this state, 40% of small businesses are likely to experience a property or general liability claim in the next 10 years. If a business doesn't have insurance, they'll have to pay for claims out of pocket, taking away their hard-earned revenue.

The state of Louisiana mandates that all businesses with at least one employee, whether full-time or part-time, must carry worker's compensation insurance. There are a few exceptions. It is not necessary to purchase coverage for sole proprietors, corporate officers, LLC members, or partners, though these individuals can be covered if desired.

Restaurants in Louisiana  need three basic types of insurance: property, liability, and employee coverage. Keep in mind that each type of insurance has sub-types of more specialized insurance depending on the type of restaurant and the services offered. Many restaurants have added policies for delivery and buffet services. Food spoilage is also a popular add-on policy for restaurants.

Louisiana requires auto liability insurance coverage because it serves to protect vehicle owners and other parties involved in accidents. Getting the right insurance coverage first requires identifying the business's needs. If they own and use vehicles, such as a fleet of semi-trucks, entirely for business purposes, they will obviously need commercial vehicle coverage. However, if they only occasionally use personal vehicles for work-related purposes, they may be able to just purchase for-hire livery service coverage or non-owned vehicle liability coverage through their business insurance policy.

A hotel insurance policy is typically the easiest route to take when it comes to navigating the right coverage for a restaurant. This package offers most of the liability and property coverage required. Depending on the scope and types of services offered, hotel owners can get additional coverage beyond this standard policy.

In Louisiana, lawsuits are a fact of life. No matter how meticulous or cautious a person is, accidents can happen, and in today's society, accidents lead to lawsuits. Homeowners coverage offers liability protection for incidents that occur on a policyholder's property, up to the limits of the policy. Car insurance and business insurance also include limited liability coverage. However, since lawsuits can easily reach the hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and settlement costs, these limits can be surpassed easily, leaving policyholders to foot the bill. Louisiana umbrella insurance can provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing it offers protection from the costs of litigation. 

Some landlords may required that tenants purchase renters insurance, but the decision about whether to cover property and liability is usually left to tenants. It protects against damage caused by fire, wind, hail, burglary, theft, and other covered causes. However, to protect against flooding, tenants will need to get a flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program. Flood coverage is always recommended in Louisiana, because the majority of the state is at heightened risk of river floods and storm surges.

Life insurance is all about preparing for the unexpected. It is important for everyone to think about how their dependents would fare if they  were to meet an untimely demise. If they are married, they may want enough coverage so their spouse can afford to keep the family home. If they are a parent, they are likely to want to ensure that their children are well cared for and that they have many of the opportunities they might otherwise need to forgo due to lack of funds.

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