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Indianola Mississippi business insurance

If you're into blues music, Indianola, Mississippi, is home to B.B. King and other notable artists. It's known around the world as an essential stop on the famous blues trail. Your Indianola business may be just as noteworthy. 

Some of the main Indianola industries are healthcare, machinery, and education. The proper business insurance for your company is key to lasting with the legends. Connect with an independent insurance agent today.

Workers' Compensation Insurance for Your Indianola Business

To have the right coverage that your employees and business need, check out workers' compensation insurance. If you're looking to protect your business better, then you'll want all exposures covered.

Workers' Compensation Insurance:

This will provide coverage for employee medical expenses and lost wages due to work-related injuries or illnesses. They must have occurred as a result of working for your business. Policy limits look like this:

  • $100,000 per occurrence for bodily injury 
  • $100,000 per employee for bodily injury by disease
  • $500,000 policy limit for bodily injury by disease

The highest your workers' compensation limits can typically go is $1,000,000 per occurrence /$1,000,000 per employee /$1,000,000 policy limit. Speak with your independent insurance agent about which coverage limits are right for your workers' compensation policy. 

Each state has its own mandates on workers' compensation insurance. In the state of MS, you are required to carry workers' compensation once you have five employees. Your agent can help you determine when you should obtain coverage for your business.

Business Interruption Insurance for Your Indianola Business

Your business could be out of commission due to unforeseen circumstances. Things like hurricanes, flooding, or fire can put your Indianola company down for some time. Business interruption insurance is there to help cover your losses. 

Business Interruption Insurance:

This provides coverage for your business expenses when your operations are interrupted due to a covered peril.

In MS, there have been 68 federally declared disasters since 1953. That's more than one catastrophe per year. All it takes is one time, and your business could be gone for good if you're not adequately insured. Your independent agent can make sure you have enough business interruption coverage before disaster strikes.

Why Your Business Needs Cyber Liability Insurance in Indianola, MS

Your business probably has a cyber liability exposure, even if you only use email. Online predators can sneak into your database and steal information about you and your clients. If you're a cyberattack victim, your business is liable for the crimes committed against your customers. Let's look at some numbers:

  • Number of US data breaches in 2019: 1,473
  • Identity theft reports each year in MS: 2,409

Cyber liability may not seem like a coverage a small town business needs, but it is. Cyber liability insurance will pay for your legal costs if a lawsuit arises from a cyberattack claim. Get with your insurance agent to discuss your cyber risk exposure and how to protect your company.


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Commercial Property Insurance in Indianola, MS

Weather-related claims, fire, and theft are all perils that can impact your commercial property. Whether it's a commercial building or your business belongings, commercial property insurance will provide coverage. Some items included in a commercial property policy are:

  • The replacement cost of a structure
  • The replacement cost of business belongings such as furniture and inventory

In Indianola and the state of MS, five primary claims occur more frequently, in the order shown below:

  1. Severe storms and lightning
  2. Burglary and other property crimes
  3. Hurricanes and tropical storms
  4. Tornadoes
  5. Flooding and water damage

Your commercial property insurance policy will insure most of the above losses, excluding floods. Any losses due to flooding need a separate flood policy.

Why Your Indianola Business Needs Flood Insurance:

Each property has an assigned flood zone to determine the risk of flooding. While some areas may be higher on the list than others, it's important to know that all locations could flood. The zones are set by FEMA and can be found on your property's elevation certificate. Get with your independent insurance agent to obtain flood insurance quotes today.

Liability Insurance and Your Indianola Small Business

One of your business's most significant exposures is liability. Your business could get sued due to a disgruntled client or an accidental injury. Whatever the cause of your liability claim, you need the right coverage to be appropriately protected.

A commercial general liability policy will protect your business's financial interests in the event of a lawsuit. Coverage will apply to slander, advertising injury, and bodily injury. Your commercial general liability limits will usually start at $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $2,000,000 aggregate. 

A local independent agent can quote your liability with various carriers to find the best coverage at a reasonable price.

Attract Staff with Employee Benefits in Indianola, MS

Healthcare costs are through the roof and becoming more and more unaffordable. The average American employee is spending a lot of money on health insurance. Let's look at the costs:

  • Average annual health premiums for family employee coverage in 2019: $20,576
  • Average annual health premiums for single employee coverage in 2019: $7,188

As a business owner, contributing to the high prices of health insurance and other employee benefits could make your business desirable. Your independent agent can help you put together an enticing employee benefit plan to attract the right talent. 

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