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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
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Mississippi is the fourth riskiest state when it comes to people dying by fire. A great number of people are injured or have significant damage done to their homes. Your homeowners insurance covers some of that damage, but you would also be smart to carry a Mississippi fire insurance policy or rider. Your fire coverage is designed to cover excess or gap claims that exceed your homeowners policy limits for fire damage and house replacement.

An independent insurance agent in our network can help you in two ways. First, your agent can review your existing MS home or auto policy for fire coverage. Then, your agent can help you determine how much, if any, additional fire insurance you need. Contact an agent now for help reviewing your coverage or comparing Mississippi fire insurance quotes.


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Mississippi Fire Fatalities

  • Recent fire death rate: 25.3 per 1 million
  • Previous fire death rate: 28.1 per 1 million

Why You Need Mississippi Fire Insurance

Fires cause extensive damage each year in Mississippi. Many are due to accidents, but fires also result from electrical malfunction, arson and wildfire. If you experience a fire catastrophe, it can cause damage to your house, apartment or condo, as well as your car and your personal possessions. Your homeowners policy may or may not provide enough coverage. For example, most insurance companies insure your home's contents for a fraction of the value of your home.

And many policies only pay you a limited amount for high-value items like diamond jewelry, fur coats or expensive collectibles. If you have expensive possessions, you may need additional Mississippi fire insurance to protect your investment in your home and belongings.

What Does Mississippi Fire Insurance Cover?

Fire insurance is a specialized form of coverage that fills in the gaps or extends your homeowners or property insurance policy limits. A gap is an event your homeowners policy may not cover. Typically, your excess fire insurance coverage will pay for replacement, reconstruction and repair costs that exceed the limits of your home or property coverage. For example, if your $250,000 house costs $300,000 to build now, a replacement cost fire policy would cover the additional $50,000. 

This excess coverage includes furniture or other personal property that has lost its value and needs to be replaced at today's cost. Fire insurance can also be used to cover other structures on your property. And you can cover your house for loss of use, which covers living expenses and rent if you are displaced from your house by a fire, and must live elsewhere during repairs or rebuilding.


Save on Fire Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Is Not Covered with Mississippi Fire Insurance?

Although fire insurance normally protects you against arson, you are not covered if you or another family member sets a fire. And your claim may be denied if you don't have fire or smoke alarms or if you fail to take critical steps, such as calling the fire department. In addition, fire insurance excludes acts of war. Make sure you check with an agent for other exclusions since different types of homeowners policies can cover or exclude certain items or events. A knowledgeable local agent can help you determine if your homeowners policy has adequate risk protection or if you need a specialized fire policy.

What If a House Fire Damages My Car?

Typically, your car is covered in the event of a house fire if you have comprehensive car insurance, which is also called "other than collision" coverage. Homeowners insurance does not cover damage to your vehicle. Some fire insurance policies may cover your vehicle as a separate item, but check with your agent to find the best way to cover your vehicle from fire damage not caused in an auto accident.

Fire Insurance and Your Current Homeowners Policy

You have two options when it comes to fire insurance, you can add the coverage to your existing homeowners or property insurance policy or you can look for a new homeowners policy that provides increased fire coverage options. If you do want extra fire protection, it's a good time to review your entire homeowners policy. An independent agent from our network works with many different insurance companies and knows which ones are likely to give you extra fire insurance coverage at the lowest cost.

Get Free Mississippi Fire Insurance Quotes

A fire can cause life-changing damage to your house and property. While we never anticipate home fires, and they rarely happen to most people, getting that critical coverage in place will ensure that you are prepared for such a catastrophe. Having a good fire escape plan and solid Mississippi fire insurance coverage can go a long way toward helping your family be prepared for a fire, and providing peace of mind.

Contact an independent member agent in our network for Mississippi fire insurance quotes and a full assessment of your insurance needs today.

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