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If you own rental property – whether it is a home, condo, or apartment building – you probably know you need insurance to cover your liability. What about defaulting tenants and loss of income? It can be challenging to choose the best way to protect your investment, so be sure to work directly with an insurance professional.

An independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network can help you get started insuring your rental property. Member agents, based in over 27,000 locations nationwide, live and work in their communities and can help you find the right coverage for your area and risks. Contact a local member agent today to get the help you need to compare a range of rental property insurance quotes and options and choose the best plan for your needs.

Tips for Getting the Best Landlord Insurance Quotes

  • Make sure you know your current rental property values.
  • Give your agent a copy of your standard lease agreement that outlines tenant responsibilities and duties.
  • Ask for a list of all available coverage to choose from, including loss of income, windstorm and flood insurance coverage, and umbrella liability insurance.
  • List all additional structures on the property, such as garage, laundry facilities, and storage buildings.
  • Provide a complete list of any athletic equipment that could pose risks to patrons or visitors, including gym facilities, swimming pools, spas, golf courses or sport courts.
  • Discuss coverage needed for your employees, such as grounds maintenance workers and office staff.

As an important note, Trusted Choice member agents who specialize in business insurance can provide all of your business coverage under one roof. For example, if you need coverage for golf carts, business vehicles, or employee benefits, your local agent can work with you to make sure you have coverage for all of your business needs.

Information Needed for Accurate Landlord Insurance Quotes

To get rental insurance premium quotes that match your real needs, be sure to your agent accurate information including the following:

  • The address of all rental property you want to insure.
  • Date of purchase and purchase price for the property.
  • A list of upgrades and improvements.
  • Details of any current or recent rental property insurance policies and your claims history record.
  • A list of all safety and security measures you have in place, including burglar alams, motion sensors, fire sprinkler systems and security gates.

Make sure you think through everything that may need to be covered under your landlord insurance policy and get all of your questions anwered about coverage and quote amounts. For example, if you have personal property of your own – such as furnishings, appliances or art – that you use to furnish rental units or common areas, be sure to discuss coverage for these items when getting rental property insurance quotes.

Considerations When Looking for Landlord Insurance Quotes

Not all rental property insurance quotes provide the same level of fire, theft, vandalism and storm damage coverage. It can be confusing to compare different policies, options and coverage types. Working with a Trusted Choice member agent can help you get all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Not only that, but your agent can review policies from several different companies with you and can also look for all available discounts that can help you save.

Contact a local member agent today to compare landlord insurance quotes to suit your unique needs.

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