Swimming Pool Contractor Insurance

As a swimming pool contractor, you need protection against losses due to temporary business shutdowns, theft or fire damage to company property and equipment, and other hazards.

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New cement swimming pool construction. Find Swimming Pool Contractor Insurance.

Swimming pool contractors are primarily engaged in constructing and installing in-ground swimming pools, swimming ponds, and indoor pools. Many of these businesses also provide repair and maintenance services for the pools they have constructed. As a business owner or professional, you need the right kind of insurance for swimming pool contractors to protect against losses due to possible lawsuits, company property theft or damage, and more.

Fortunately, a local independent insurance agent can help you get set up with the right swimming pool contractor insurance. They can help you complete your swimming pool contractor insurance application and get you matched to a policy at the best available price. But first, here's a closer look at this coverage.

Why Do Swimming Pool Contractors Need Insurance?

Professionals in the swimming pool construction and maintenance industry have a unique set of risks that must be anticipated ahead of time. For example, consider the following scenarios:

  • You installed a swimming pool at a private residence, and the homeowner’s child got injured while playing on excavation equipment you left there overnight.
  • A pool you've been maintaining was overly chlorinated due to an employee error or a mechanical malfunction, and several swimmers suffered chemical burns that required medical treatment.
  • An employee was responsible for a multi-car collision while driving a loaded dump truck from a site for a new pool installation.

These are just a few examples of problems that may arise and cause losses that can be mitigated by the right kind of swimming pool contractors insurance. Without this coverage, your business's livelihood can be at risk after just one costly, unexpected disaster.

Why Swimming Pool Contractor Liability Insurance Is so Important

Just one lawsuit could potentially bankrupt your business if it lacks the proper coverage. As a swimming pool contractor, you need various forms of liability protection, including:

  • Commercial general liability insurance: This covers claims of bodily injuries and personal property damage caused to others by your business premises or in the course of conducting business operations. 
  • Pollution liability insurance: This covers your business against claims related to the over-chlorination of water or the dispersal of chemicals into ground or water supplies that lead to injury or other harm to third parties. If your business does swimming pool maintenance, you may use and store a number of potentially harmful or fatal chemicals, such as muriatic acid, hypochlorite, and other disinfectants.
  • Professional liability insurance: This covers third-party claims related to harm caused by errors or omissions made in your professional services.
  • Business umbrella insurance: This can greatly extend your business's existing liability coverage, such as under commercial general liability insurance, to limits of $1 million or higher, which can benefit your business in the event of hefty lawsuits.

Be sure to discuss the full scope of your business operations with your independent insurance agent to ensure you get matched to the right kinds of swimming pool contractor insurance to cover your various exposures.


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Other Business Insurance Considerations for Swimming Pool Contractors

You have likely invested a lot in the tools and materials used in the daily operations of your business. That's why it can take several types of business insurance coverage to address all your swimming pool contractor business's unique exposures. Coverages you may want to incorporate in your swimming pool contractor insurance policy include the following:

  • Commercial vehicle insurance: This protects your business against losses related to company vehicle accidents and other incidents, such as theft, vandalism, and lawsuits.
  • Hired or non-owner car insurance: This protects rented work trucks or vans or employees who use their personally owned vehicles to transport tools and material to the job sites or drive them for other job-related purposes.
  • Commercial property insurance: This covers the structure and the contents of your central location and storage locations against loss or damage brought about by a covered event. 
  • Workers' compensation insurance: This can protect your company from employee lawsuits related to workplace injuries by covering your employees' medical treatments and lost wages if they get hurt on the job. 
  • Inland marine insurance: This covers your business's tools and equipment against theft, damage, and destruction by listed perils while they're in transit to and from various job locations.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance: This can cover the cost of repairs or replacements to business equipment that breaks down due to listed perils such as power outages. 
  • Business interruption insurance: This can provide continued revenue and pay for various expenses such as business rent and employee salaries during temporary closures due to covered perils like fires. 
  • Extra expense insurance: This can cover the cost of renting a temporary office space if a covered disaster like a fire or break-in causes significant damage to your central office.

Your independent insurance agent can help you complete your swimming pool contractor insurance policy with every type of coverage necessary.

How Much Does Swimming Pool Contractor Insurance Cost?

The cost of swimming pool contractor insurance can vary widely depending on many different factors. These can include the size and location of your business, how many employees and company vehicles you have, the total value of your company property, and more. An independent insurance agent is your greatest ally in finding the most affordable coverage in your area.

An Independent Insurance Agent Can Help You Find the Right Swimming Pool Contractors Insurance

When you build your swimming pool contractor insurance policy, you want to be sure you're not left with coverage gaps that may leave your business vulnerable to financial losses. An independent insurance agent can help you make the right coverage selections for your business. They can also shop and compare policies from a number of different business insurance carriers for you to find the best overall blend of coverage and cost.

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