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How to Get Free Term Life Insurance Quotes

Term life insurance provides a death benefit to your beneficiaries if you should die during the number of years, or “term” you choose. Term life insurance can be an affordable way to ensure that your family members will not have a large financial burden as a result of your passing, due to end of life costs or loss of income.

Taking out a term life policy becomes more expensive as you get older, so it is important to review term life insurance quotes and options sooner rather than later. Contact a member agent in the Trusted Choice® network to get the information you need to evaluate your options and find the right life insurance policy for your family’s needs.

Tips for Getting the Best Term Life Insurance Quotes

Things to think about when you are getting term life quotes include:

  • The number of years you need term life coverage; for example, do you want the term to last until your children have graduated from college?
  • The amount of coverage needed to replace your income and pay for your family’s cost of living and large expenses, such as college tuition.
  • Whether you have additional expenses such as a mortgage, car payments, and outstanding debts you would like your family to be able to cover with your life insurance death benefits.

All of these will factor into the amount of life insurance you need, and will affect your term life insurance quotes. Be sure to review your family's complete financial needs with your insurance agent.

Many people begin their search for term life insurance quotes online. This can be a good strategy for getting a ballpark idea of what you might pay for your term life premium. But be sure to contact an agent to get accurate quotes based on your real needs. You may even be able to save money with an independent agent, as these agents can shop for the best term life insurance quotes from multiple companies and look for any discounts that may apply to you.

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Information Agents Need to Get Accurate Term Life Insurance Quotes

First and foremost, it is critical to be truthful when you apply for life insurance. Tell your agent or insurance company representative whether you have a medical condition, for example. If you fail to disclose illnesses, medical conditions, or information about lifestyle choices like smoking and alcohol consumption, your policy can potentially be canceled.

Your agent will need specific information to get accurate quotes for you to compare from several different insurance companies. For example, you will need to supply information such as:

  • Your age and personal health record
  • Your profession and how you enjoy your recreation time
  • Whether or not you smoke
  • The expenses you want your life insurance to cover
  • How long a term you would like your term life insurance policy to last
  • When you would like the policy to start and end

If you work with an independent agent, you will be able to compare multiple term life quotes. You can even adjust the variables, such as the length of the term and the amount of coverage in order to look at several different cost structures that may work for you.

Considerations for Term Life Insurance Quotes

If you are looking for free term life insurance quotes, and independent agent in your local area is a great place to start. Member agents in the Trusted Choice network are real people who care about their customers. Your agent will be someone who will get to know you, and someone you can trust.

Consider all of the costs you want your term life insurance policy to cover, not just your end of life costs. Be sure to think about how much income your family will need to carry on, including daily cost of living, paying off a mortgage or debt, and college tuition.

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