Auto-Owners Insurance Company Review

What options do I have with Auto-Owners?
Written by Rene Todd Fields
Written by Rene Todd Fields

Environmental and natural resource advocate and business owner, Rene Todd Fields, has more than 10 years of experience working within both private and public sectors and enjoys helping individuals understand their options and make solid coverage decisions.


Auto-Owners Insurance Company at a Glance

  • Founded in 1916
  • Among America’s largest insurers
  • Offers auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and business insurance
  • Coverage available in 26 states
  • “A++” (superior) rating by A.M. Best
  • “A+” (excellent) rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Represented by 48,000 independent insurance agents
  • 24/7 emergency phone claims reporting
  • Strong financial strength and stability

Auto-Owners pros: Well-established carrier with more than a century’s worth of experience in the insurance industry. Highly rated by A.M. Best and the BBB. 24/7 emergency claims reporting via phone. Strong financial stability. Coverage available in 26 states. Auto-Owners offers 24/7 emergency phone claims reporting for its policyholders. However, during business hours, all claims should be directed to your local independent insurance agent.

Auto-Owners cons: Not much information about claims process provided on official website. Official website could use an update. Some negative customer reviews.

What Type of Insurance Does Auto-Owners Offer?

Auto-Owners is a pretty generalized insurance company, with a focus on auto, life, home and business coverage. Their insurance products include the following.

  • Auto insurance
    • Auto
    • Motorcycle
    • ATV and off-road vehicle
    • Boat
    • Trailer
  • Home insurance
    • Homeowners
    • Condo
    • Renters
    • Rental dwelling
    • Mobile home
    • Umbrella
    • Property and valuables
    • Farm
    • Pet
    • Flood
  • Life insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Term life
    • Universal life
    • Whole life
    • Annuities
    • Disability income
  • Business insurance
    • Business insurance
    • Commercial auto
    • Workers' compensation
    • Bonds
    • Loss control
    • Commercial umbrella

Your independent insurance agent can help you find more information about the coverage offered by Auto-Owners, and help you determine if this insurance company is right for you.

Using our insurance company directory can help you find the best insurance companies that specialize in your specific coverage needs. The company directory can also help you get connected to an agent near you.

What to Know about Auto-Owners

Auto-Owners was founded in 1916, giving the carrier more than a century’s worth of experience in the insurance industry. Auto-Owners backs up its products by providing its famous “No Problem®” claims service. Auto-Owners is also a Fortune 500 company. They have received numerous awards from national organizations for customer service and quality and are certified as a “Great Place to Work®”.

Today, Auto-Owners still focuses its efforts on providing insurance solutions for clients in need. Coverage is offered in 26 states across the country. The insurance company's LinkedIn profile states that Auto-Owners has between 5,001 and 10,000 employees, with nearly 3,800 of them found on the social media platform. As far as financial size, A.M. Best places the carrier in the $2 billion or greater category.

Thanks to its prosperous history and financial strength, Auto-Owners has earned a reputation as a stable insurance company with a stable outlook for the future. A.M. Best, the leading global credit rating agency monitoring the insurance industry, gives Auto-Owners an “A++” rating, indicating the carrier is an excellent choice for insurance customers. High ratings from A.M. Best assure customers that Auto-Owners can offer guaranteed, secure coverage from a financially sound carrier.

Established in 1899, A.M. Best is one of the oldest rating companies in the world. Reviews from A.M. Best indicate an insurance company’s financial strength and creditworthiness and are based on comprehensive evaluations of the company’s operating performance, business profile, and balance sheet. For customers who are not as familiar with insurance companies’ respective reputations, A.M. Best’s ratings system allows them to make an informed decision about who they can trust to meet their needs in the short term, and who will remain a strong, financially sound company in the long term.

What Discounts Does Auto-Owners Offer?

Auto-Owners makes information about their specific discounts readily available on their website. These discounts include the following.

  • Multi-policy discount: Clients get premium savings when they have other qualifying policies with Auto-Owners.
  • Life multi-policy discount: Offered to clients who have a qualifying life insurance policy with Auto-Owners.
  • Payment history discount: Discounts for individuals who have paid their premiums on time for the last 36 months.
  • Paid-in-full discount: Save more if clients pay their annual policy premium in full and on time.
  • Green discount: Enroll in paperless billing and pay policy premiums online and clients may qualify for this discount.
  • Advance quote discount: Available for new applicants who request a premium quote prior to the effective date of the policy.
  • Multi-car discount: Discount when two or more private passenger vehicles are insured on a personal auto policy.
  • Safety feature discount: Discount if a vehicle is equipped with certain safety features, such as anti-lock brake systems (ABS), airbags, or anti-theft devices.
  • Deductible discount: Assuming some of the risk by choosing a higher deductible may reduce a policy premium.
  • Favorable loss history discount: Receive a lower premium for favorable loss history.
  • Student discounts
    • Good student discount: Students may be eligible for a Good Student Discount of up to 20%, if they maintain a cumulative "B" or better grade point average.
    • Student away at school discount: Additional discounts are available for students who are attending school more than 100 miles from home without a vehicle.
    • Teen driver monitoring discount: Teen driver monitoring discount is dependent upon the presence of a permanently installed Global Positioning System (GPS) within the vehicle a teenager primarily operates.

An independent insurance agent can provide more exact discount information and premium quotes for coverage through Auto-Owners. When it comes to coverage, independent insurance agents work hard to help get you the most out of your money.


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Auto-Owners Customer Service

Auto-Owners offers 24/7 emergency phone claims reporting for its policyholders. However, during business hours, all claims should be directed to your local independent insurance agent. The carrier also provides the following customer service options.

  • Email contact option
  • Auto proof of insurance
  • Workers’ compensation A-O injury hotline
  • Flood portal
  • Mobile app
  • Online bill pay
  • Customer service availability - Claims department does have weekend hours, as well as 24/7 roadside assistance, and an workers’ compensation A-O injury hotline.

Hours (Eastern)

Monday-Friday 8am - 4:30pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

The best way to make sure you have a great customer service experience is to work with an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents can help handle claims and other concerns for you, so you can relax and enjoy your coverage.

Auto-Owners FAQ

What is Auto-Owners average claim response time frame?

Auto-Owners offers claims reporting through a couple of mediums. However, the insurance company does not provide an official claims response time frame promise. Auto-Owners does encourage customers to file claims within 24 hours of an incident.

What is Auto-Owners customer service availability?

Auto-Owners allows customers to file claims over the phone 24/7 or through an independent insurance agent. The carrier’s social media presence extends across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which makes them more accessible to customers.

What is Auto-Owners claims process?

Auto-Owners offers a couple of options for claims reporting. However, the insurance company does not detail their claims process on their official website or social media platforms. If customers have questions about filing or the claims process itself, they can contact the carrier via phone or email or get in touch with their independent insurance agent.

Does Auto-Owners' website create a user-friendly experience for customers?

Auto-Owners’ official website could certainly use an update. The carrier does not provide much information about their claims process or detail a claims response time frame. Online bill pay is available, as is 24/7 emergency claims reporting via phone, which are nice, modern customer service features. So, while Auto-Owners’ website is not terrible in terms of user-friendliness, they could stand to update their practices in a couple of areas.

Auto-Owners Customer Reviews
5 Stars
“I have had both home and auto insurance from Auto-Owners for about 10 years. Customer experience depends on the agent and insurance representative. I am fortunate to have excellent agent/reps. Claims (1 major, 1 minor) have been handled well and to my satisfaction. The Auto-Owners website is easy to use and convenient. I am very satisfied with Auto-Owners.” —Greg of Muskegon, MI
5 Stars
“I had hail damage on my roof in 2005, was covered with Auto owners insurance, handled my claim promptly, got a check within 10 days, Everything was smooth and hassle free.” —John B.
5 Stars
“Highly recommended. Our home is located close to an area where a neighbors house exploded. Dealing with the agent, adjusters and insurance company went very smoothly. They all did a fantastic job in handling our claim. Many thanks!” —Randy C.
5 Stars
“I would like to revise my review and that I posted on March 5, 2018 concerning Auto Owners Insurance Company....Almost immediately after I posted my review concerning my claims experience with the local adjuster...A company claims agent from Auto Owners contacted via Email and offered to help me in any way to try to resolve my issues concerning the repair of my shower...Within 24 hrs. the issues had been resolved and I was advised a full payment had been ordered for the repairs...I can tell you right now that clearly changed my mind about the Claims Department and to the manner of how they treat their customers and handle claims...While my experience got off to a rocky start having 4 parties involved in the first place, has turned out to be a very positive and pleasant...I now would like to rate this company again..This time I would go to the other end of the review chart and give Mark and his team a very high 10 stars...His fast response and assistance certainly turned a very unpleasant experience into a Happy ending.” —Janet K.
5 Stars
“About five years ago I experienced damage to my roof because of winds in excess of 70 mph. I had shingles scattered all over the place (the neighbors did as well). Then came the torrential rains. Without the proper coverage of the roof I also incurred inside damage in a few ceiling areas. I called my insurance company first thing in the morning and I had an adjuster here within a few hours. There are a few roofing companies with excellent reputations in our area. Of course, all were very busy but all staff were on the road checking damages and giving estimates. I chose one and he got here a half hour before the adjuster. This roofer was also a general contractor who was capable of the ceiling repair as well. He looked at all the damages and wrote an estimate as the adjuster arrived.” —Andrea of Ellijay, GA's Final Review

5 Stars

We award Auto-Owners Insurance Company a final rating of 5 out of 5 stars. The insurance company has been around for more than a century now, which is noteworthy within the industry. And it seems the carrier has used this time to their advantage. Auto-Owners has received high ratings through A.M. Best and the BBB, and they have been accredited through the latter organization. While coverage is offered in 26 states, their catalog is pretty wide, with a focus on home, life, auto, and business insurance. The insurance company provides 24/7 emergency claims reporting via phone and online bill pay. There is a also a lot of information about the carrier’s coverage on their official website, but there is not a claims response time frame promise or an outline of their claims process at all. It is easy to find customer feedback about the insurance company online, but some of the reviews available are negative. Fortunately, currently it is easy to say many positive things about this carrier. So, our recommendation is that if you are in the market for home, auto, life, or business coverage, review your options for trusted carriers with your independent insurance agent, and take a better look at Auto-Owners.

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