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Kemper Corporation Insurance Company at a Glance

  • Founded in 1990
  • Offers a wide variety of coverages
  • Offers both personal and commercial coverage
  • “A-” (excellent) rating by A.M. Best
  • “A+” (excellent) rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Coverage available nationwide
  • Several discounts available
  • 24/7 claims reporting
  • Strong financial stability
  • Online claims reporting

Kemper Pros: Carrier has more than 30 years’ worth of experience in the insurance industry. Offers a wide selection of insurance products including home insurance, auto insurance, personal valuables insurance, life insurance, and more. High ratings through both A.M. Best and the BBB. Strong financial stability. 24/7 claims reporting.

Kemper Cons: Not a BBB accredited business. Disturbingly high volume of complaints filed against the carrier within recent years. Mixed customer feedback. Discounts are reportedly not as good as competitors’.

What Type of Insurance Does Kemper Offer?

Kemper offers a wide selection of coverages for both individuals and businesses. Their insurance products include:

  • Auto insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Personal valuables insurance
  • Collectibles insurance
  • Personal catastrophe liability insurance
  • Identity fraud insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance

If you’re in the market for any of these insurance options, Kemper may just be the right insurance company to meet your coverage needs.

What to Know about Kemper

Kemper Corporation was founded in 1990, giving the carrier a solid three decades’ worth of experience within the insurance industry. Today, Kemper offers their coverage nationwide. The carrier’s extensive catalogue of insurance options includes auto insurance, boat insurance, personal valuables insurance, renters insurance, identity fraud insurance, and more.

The insurance company’s official website states that Kemper is one of the nation’s leading insurers. The carrier reports having $13 billion in assets, and has written 6.4 million insurance policies. Kemper works with a team of more than 30,000 agents and brokers across the country. Kemper’s team comprises more than 9,300 employees. Each of Kemper’s family of companies including Kemper Preferred, Kemper Specialty, Infinity Insurance Companies, etc., have been rated an “A-” or higher by A.M. Best.

Thanks to its wide selection of insurance products, nationwide reach, and amount of insurance in force, Kemper has earned itself a reputation as a financially stable insurance company with a strong outlook for the future. A.M. Best, the leading global credit rating agency monitoring the insurance industry, gives Kemper an “A-” rating, indicating the carrier is an excellent choice for insurance customers. High ratings from A.M. Best assure customers that Kemper is capable of offering guaranteed, secure coverage from a trustworthy and reputable carrier.

Established in 1899, A.M. Best is one of the oldest rating companies in the world. Reviews from A.M. Best indicate an insurance company’s financial strength and creditworthiness, and are based on comprehensive evaluations of the company’s operating performance, business profile, and balance sheet. For customers who aren’t as familiar with insurance companies’ respective reputations, A.M. Best’s ratings system allows them to make an informed decision about who they can trust to meet their needs in the short term, and also who will remain a strong, financially sound company in the long term.

What Discounts Does Kemper Offer?

Kemper offers a good selection of competitive discounts on their insurance, especially for auto and home policyholders. Their discounts include:

  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS) discount: This is offered to auto insurance customers who have ABS installed in their vehicles. 
  • Good student discount: This is offered to auto insurance customers who are students who maintain a grade average of “B” or higher. 
  • Multi-car discount: This is offered to auto insurance customers who insure more than one vehicle through Kemper. 
  • Mature homeowner discount: This is offered to home insurance customers who are retired and over the age of 55. 
  • Protective devices discount: This is offered to home insurance customers who install security devices such as alarm systems in their homes. 

Your independent insurance agent can help you find out more information about these discounts offered by Kemper, as well as other discounts and ways to save through the insurance company. Your independent agent will help you find the coverage you need at the rate you deserve.

Kemper Customer Service

Kemper allows customers to report claims anytime, online or via phone. The carrier also provides the following customer service options:

  • Online bill pay
  • Snail mail contact option
  • General contact form available through website
  • General customer service inquiries hotline has the following hours restrictions:

Hours (Local Time)

Monday-Friday 8 am - 6 pm

The best way to ensure a smooth customer service experience is to work with an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents can help handle claims and other concerns for you, so you can relax and enjoy your coverage.


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Kemper FAQ

What is Kemper's average claim response time frame?

Kemper does provide 24/7 claims reporting for their customers via phone or online, but the carrier’s official website does not detail a claims response time frame promise. The insurance company does state that claims’ statuses are updated on the website at the end of each business day.

What is Kemper's customer service availability?

Kemper allows customers to file claims at any time over the phone or online. Their contact options for customer service inquiries have restricted hours, Monday through Friday. Customers can pay their bills through the official website as well. The carrier also has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which makes them even more accessible to customers.

What is Kemper's claims process?

Kemper allows its customers to file claims over the phone or the website, or through the regular mail. The insurance company, however, does not list much information about its claims process beyond than how to file. Kemper does provide details about all the information customers need to have ready before filing a claim, and lists the process of everything customers should do before filing if they’re involved in an auto accident.

Does Kemper create a user-friendly experience for customers?

Kemper’s official website is fairly intuitive and easy to navigate. Customers can locate the information they’re seeking easily, and pages are fleshed out enough to be satisfactory. However, the website could use more details about the carrier’s claims process and claims response timeframe. Kemper offers modern customer service options such as online bill pay and online claims reporting, as well as 24/7 claims reporting via phone. The insurance company also has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which makes them more accessible to customers. Overall, Kemper does provide a user-friendly experience for its customers.

Does Kemper have good renters insurance?

Kemper offers a wide variety of insurance options, including coverage for renters. Their renters insurance protects customers’ personal property from the following perils:

  • Smoke damage
  • Fire and lightning
  • Explosions
  • Theft
  • Windstorm and hail
  • Vandalism and/or malicious acts
  • Collapse due to ice, snow, or sleet
  • Falling objects
  • Window glass damage
  • Freezing of heating, air condition, plumbing, or household appliances
  • Water damage from plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems
  • Water damage from household appliances

Optional coverage options under Kemper’s renters insurance policies include:

  • Debris removal
  • Additional living expenses
  • Credit card forgery
  • Additions or alterations
  • Damage to third party property
  • Personal property stored away from home
  • Scheduled valuables
  • Additional liability

Your independent insurance agent can help you find out more information about Kemper’s renters insurance policies, as well as their many other products.

Is Kemper a good insurance company?

Kemper has a couple of decades’ worth of experience under its belt as of today. The insurance company has been highly rated by both A.M. Best and the BBB, however, the carrier is not accredited through the latter organization. Kemper also has had a concerningly high volume of complaints filed against it through the BBB in the past three years, at a total of 164. Customer feedback seems to be mixed as well. The insurance company offers coverage nationwide, and has a large selection of insurance products. Based on its ratings, financial strength, and products offered, Kemper can be classified as a good insurance company.

Kemper Customer Reviews

Consumer Affairs
5 Stars
“I love the coverage I have with my insurance company. I purchased online and it was super easy. The coverage is affordable, their customer service is great, and they're easy to contact. I had a question about my policy and the representative I spoke with was incredibly helpful. I would recommend Kemper to anyone who needed an affordable and comprehensive auto policy. But I wish they offered discounts for multiple policies like some other companies offer. I currently rent and would love a renter's policy, and I plan on purchasing a home one day. I'll likely use Kemper.”

Consumer Affairs
“The price of the insurance is good and the coverage seems good. My sister also has the same company and she had to file a claim a couple of times and it seemed to go through without any issue so I am reasonably confident I wouldn't have any issues if I had to do it.”

Consumer Affairs
“Although the women who worked at my local office were extremely friendly and helpful, direct auto insurance seems to be a little pricey and difficult to work with when filing claims. One of my close friends worked at an auto repair shop and she also agrees that it is extremely difficult to get them to give you a fair price for a totaled vehicle.”

“Kemper does not even deserve one star! This has got to be THE WORST insurance company I've ever dealt with! Filing a claim with them has been an absolute nightmare. I've had to contact [REDACTED NAME] and get them to intervene.  Poor customer service, NO ONE will EVER return your call, Agents never answer their phones when you call,  In my case, they declared my car a total loss. Via email, offered less than NADA value. When I declined and stated that I needed the NADA value, then sent out a check for only 2/3 of what they originally offered!! When you speak with a general customer service, they all act as if you're interrupting them. They've got quite the attitude. Avoid this company like the plague. Absolutely HORRIBLE!”

Better Business Bureau
“Absolutely terrible claims service. Our vehicle was stolen, wrecked, and considered a total loss. It's been three months without resolution and a non-responsive claims representative. His manager doesn't even respond. Beyond frustrated at this point and will not be using them ever again.”'s Final Review

We award Kemper a final rating of 3 out of 5 stars. The insurance company has been around for 30 years now, so while it’s not one of the youngest carriers around, it’s also far from being one of the most experienced. The carrier has received high ratings through both A.M. Best and the BBB, however there have been a disturbing volume of complaints filed against them through the latter organization in recent years. Kemper does offer coverage nationwide, and their insurance catalogue includes a long list of products for all kinds of customers in need. That being said, customer feedback for this carrier is incredibly mixed, so it’s difficult to gauge Kemper’s customer service execution. The insurance company does offer 24/7 claims reporting, which is a pro.

Bottom line: Kemper is rated as being a financially stable company with a strong outlook for many years to come. They offer coverage for several types of prospective insurance customers across the country. However, it’s tough to reach a verdict on whether Kemper upholds their promises of excellent customer service due to the extremely mixed feedback across the web. So, while browsing options for your next insurance carrier with your independent insurance agent, we say go ahead and look into Kemper Corporation, but be sure to survey your other options, too.

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