USA Coverage Review

USA Coverage helps insurance customers get matched to the right insurance company for them.
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USA Coverage at a Glance

  • Not an individual insurance company
  • Matches customers with top insurance companies
  • Helps customers find quality individual coverages
  • Not rated by AM Best
  • Not rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

USA Coverage Pros: Helps customers get matched to ideal insurance providers for them. Offers services to match customers to several forms of coverage, including life insurance, health insurance, and auto insurance. Removes a lot of the hard work of finding the best insurance company and coverage.

USA Coverage Cons: Not an individual insurance company, which could be confusing for some customers. Cannot be contacted about claims, policy details, etc.

To find insurance in your state, use our national insurance company directory to find the best company to meet your needs. You can locate insurance companies that specialize in your specific coverage needs and get connected to an agent near you.

What Type of Insurance Does USA Coverage Offer?

USA Coverage provides services to match customers to a few forms of coverage from different insurance companies, including:

  • Auto insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Medicare insurance
  • Annuities

An independent insurance agent can help you find more information about the services offered by USA Coverage.

What to Know About USA Coverage

USA Coverage is a conglomerate marketer of some of the best insurance companies in the country. The website focuses on providers of life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, and home insurance. USA Coverage's mission is to provide customers with the right carrier match and best possible coverage for them, instead of favoring one specific insurance company.

USA Coverage works hard to research the top coverages in the nation for prospective customers. They help those in need of insurance by taking the hard work out of the shopping and comparing plans process, and get right down to the end goal of matching up the right policy.

What Discounts Does USA Coverage Offer?

Since USA Coverage offers quotes from a variety of insurance companies, they do not offer specific discounts, themselves. The available discounts on the coverage you're looking for will depend on the company you choose. An independent insurance agent, however, can also help you find any discounts you qualify for on various coverages.


Find The Right Company Today.

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USA Coverage Customer Service

USA Coverage provides one form of contact:

  • Mail contact option

To ensure a great customer service experience, work together with an independent insurance agent. Independent insurance agents can help handle claims and other matters for you, so you can relax and enjoy your coverage.

USA Coverage FAQ

What is USA Coverage's average claim response timeframe?

USA Coverage is not an insurance company themselves, so the claim response timeframe will depend on the insurance carrier the customer gets matched to.

What is USA Coverage's customer service availability?

USA Coverage only provides a snail mail contact option, and reminds customers that they are not an insurance company themselves and should not be contacted for claims or customer service relating to their insurance policy.

What is USA Coverage's claims process?

USA Coverage is not an insurance company, so the claims process will vary depending on the carrier the customer is matched to. An independent insurance agent can also help you by filing claims and keeping you updated through every step of the process.

Does USA Coverage create a user-friendly experience for customers?

USA Coverage's entire mission is to create a user-friendly insurance experience for customers, and they do accomplish that by gathering and providing contacts and quotes for some of the top coverages in the nation.'s Final Review

We award USA Coverage a final rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Since USA Coverage is an aggregator that matches prospective customers to quality insurance companies and products, they do not actually sell policies, themselves. However, they do a great service for the public by providing quotes and other details for customers in need.

Any company that helps simplify the huge process of finding the right insurance for the public deserves recognition. If you're struggling to find the best carrier for you, it's certainly worth looking into USA Coverage for some extra guidance. An independent insurance agent can also help.

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