7 Tips to Thrive in Retirement


With work and life responsibilities largely in the rear view mirror, now is your time to really enjoy your retirement years. 

You’ve worked hard to reach this stage of your life. While there may be some challenges transitioning to a new lifestyle, there’s also a world of opportunity to create new memories. Retirement offers you a wealth of opportunity to indulge in favorite pastimes, spend more time with friends and family, and simply reward yourself for your hard work.

Without the set structure of a job and family, though, you may initially struggle to find balance in retired life. This is a growing challenge for more and more of the population. Approximately 10,000 baby boomers reach retirement age every day, according to AARP. Add that to the fact that people continue to live longer, and more retirees are enjoying their golden years than ever before.

As you ease into retirement, or re-evaluate your existing retirement structure, here are seven tips to help get organized and maximize your enjoyment.

1. Find a Balance

The key to being organized in retirement is creating structure, but in a different way from your working days. You’ll want to ensure that you spend time doing things you like – visiting grand-kids, traveling, engaging in hobbies – but not over-scheduling yourself to the point of exhaustion. Make a schedule to ensure there is a steady flow of events that keep you feeling fulfilled, but make sure you still get some of that well-deserved R&R. 

2. Keep Things Open

While it’s important to keep a schedule of activities, that doesn’t mean everything must be done exactly as planned. In the past, devotion to a schedule may have been one of the best ways to get things accomplished. In retirement, think of it more as a guide. If you were planning to do some yard work on Thursday, but are not feeling up to it, Friday is just fine. 

3. Plan Some Adventures

Retirement is the perfect time to travel. Pick some places that you’ve always wanted to visit and set aside the time to go. Cruises are an excellent way to see different parts of the world at one time, while all-inclusive resorts make it easy to set up in one place and enjoy life. Now is the time to prioritize the life experiences you worked so hard to achieve! 

4. Focus on Physical Health

Make a point to stay physically active. Extra weight gain can be hard to lose for retirees, especially as physical movement decreases. This doesn’t mean you must join a gym – although that’s not a bad idea – but make sure to incorporate activity into your daily routine. Maintaining the yard, going on walks with friends, or playing with the grand-kids are all viable ways to maintain an active lifestyle. 

5. Protect the Things that Matter

Insurance is one of those things that can slip through the cracks during retirement. Take the time to go over insurance options for your home and car that coincide with your new schedule. If you drive less now without a commute to work you may qualify for lower rates, and you’ll want to insure new expensive toys, like a boat. Now is the time to re-evaluate.

6. Spend on Services

While you’ll want to ensure that your retirement savings last, make sure to spend some money splurging on everyday life. Hire a neighborhood kid to mow the lawn, find a dry cleaner that also does laundry, or bring in a cleaning service for your home. You’ll have more time in retirement to do the things you enjoy. Now is the time to (wisely) spend that hard-earned money and make life comfortable.

7. Think About Downsizing

With kids, and later, teenagers running around the house it was necessary to have ample space. With less people living at home now, it may make sense to move into a smaller home or an apartment community. You’ll still have all the space you need, plus less need for upkeep. The same can be said for cars and transportation. An SUV or a minivan may no longer be necessary, so continually look for areas in your life that can be simplified.

Retirement is one of the best periods of your life, but it also brings change. We hope these tips will help you get ready for your retirement years where you can explore the world, spend time with loved ones and enjoy the rewards from a life of work and parenting.

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