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Chicago is home to approximately 2.7 million people, many of whom cannot imagine ever living anywhere else. Whether your residence is a traditional site-built structure, a modular home or a mobile home, your house is most likely one of your greatest assets. The right home insurance policy can help you protect your investment.

Because mobile, manufactured and modular homes are all different from traditional home construction, they have different insurance needs. Finding the right coverage is critical to protecting your home and financial wellbeing in the event of a loss. A local independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network can help you find the best Chicago, IL mobile home insurance for your needs. Contact an agent today to get Chicago manufactured home insurance quotes the easy way.

  • As of 2008, the Census reported that 2.6% of Illinois residences are mobile homes
  • Illinois ranks 43 out of 50 U.S. states for percentage of mobile homes
  • Chicago has over 77,000 mobile residences
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What Are Manufactured, Mobile and Modular Homes?

Many times modular, manufactured and mobile homes are referred to in insurance circles as “non-traditional” homes. Mobile homes and manufactured homes are the same thing, except mobile homes are officially defined as those homes built to standards used before 1976 and instituted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Manufactured homes are mobile homes built by post-1976 standards.

Modular homes are similar to mobile or manufactured homes in that they are also made in a factory, but the difference is these homes are constructed on-site and made with similar materials as a traditional site-built home. Many insurers treat modular homes like traditional site-built homes and do not consider them to have an increased risk.

What Coverage Is Available in Chicago Mobile Home Insurance?

While they are treated differently than traditional homes, mobile home insurance policies are fairly similar to a standard homeowners insurance policy. Mobile home insurance protects you from damage or loss due to fire, burglary, falling objects or severe weather. Chicago is a very urban area, so dramatic weather events are less likely, but fire or theft risks may be higher. The basic coverage items for most mobile homes are:

  • Property damage liability: This is insurance against damage to another person’s property or home that is your responsibility. For example, if you neglect to cut down a dead tree and it falls on a neighbor’s house, your liability coverage would help to pay for the damage to the house and any injuries you are responsible for.
  • Personal injury liability: This type of insurance gives you compensation if the your negligence led to a person getting injured while in your home or on your property.
  • Comprehensive: Comprehensive coverage pays for damage to the home due to fire, theft, vandalism or severe weather (check your policy for exceptions).
  • Replacement cost: This covers you in case of a total loss, and will pay up to an amount equal to the value of the home at the time of the loss, depending upon the specifics of your coverage.
  • Personal property: This covers items in and around your home that are vandalized or stolen, up to a percentage of the value of the home. If you have expensive or antique items like jewelry or artwork, you likely will need a rider on the policy or a separate policy entirely to ensure you have the right amount of coverage.

Many of these will have exceptions and specific guidelines about what they’ll cover under various circumstances. Be sure to speak with a Trusted Choice member agent to determine what coverage options make the most sense for your Chicago mobile home insurance policy.

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Get Mobile Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Compare Chicago Manufactured Home Insurance Quotes

Determining the type and amount of coverage that makes the most sense for your mobile home involves assessing your needs, your home value, whether or not you have a mortgage, and other factors. For example, if you have a mortgage, the bank may require you to insure your home.

To find and secure the coverage you need, work with a member agent in the Trusted Choice network. One of these agents can sit down with you to determine your coverage needs and compare Chicago mobile home insurance quotes from several insurance companies. Contact a local member agent today to get the help you need to make an informed decision on your coverage.

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