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Oxford is a very small town in Michigan that has some of the highest valued properties in the state. The town is also a family-friendly environment with excellent schools, almost no crime, and many activities. If you’re one of the 3,558 residents living in Oxford, then you want to keep your home and your valuables protected from any unfortunate events. It’s important to have reliable homeowners insurance, no matter your home’s age or amenities.

If you’re unsure about how to find a reliable homeowners policy, then it’s time to call an insurance agent near you. An independent agent can get you lots of different home insurance quotes from high-quality companies. The best part is that an independent insurance agent won’t charge you any fees for their professional help.

Liability Insurance for Oxford, Michigan, Homes

Another disaster that any homeowner, like yourself, wants to avoid is a liability claim. That’s why it’s important that your home insurance includes personal liability coverage. The liability benefit that most property plans include will pay for legal fees, courts costs, and damage settlements. 

Mishaps and accidents usually happen when you least expect it. Here are some examples of common liability situations that homeowners face: 

  • Your child breaks the neighbor’s SUV window with a baseball.
  • Your dog escapes the backyard and bites a delivery driver.
  • Your best friend is visiting your home and accidentally breaks her foot.
  • An untrimmed tree limb from your property scratches your neighbor’s car.

Check out your policy’s liability limits to be sure the coverage amount is good. Your independent insurance agent can go over your policy limits with you and answer questions. The agent may be able to increase your liability limits or get you an affordable umbrella policy for extra coverage. 

Price of Homeowners Insurance in Oxford, Michigan 

Residents of Michigan usually pay a little less than average for homeowners insurance than those in other states. However, Oxford home premiums are usually a bit higher than the neighboring towns nearby.  

  • US average yearly premium: $1,173
  • Michigan average yearly premium: $908

Remember, these average premiums are just to give you an idea of the price you might pay. Insurance costs are specific to each home, owner, and area. 

  • Oxford average home values: $247,713
  • Michigan average home values: $176,977
  • US average home values:  $188,900

Your insurance agent will ask for lots of details about your house. This is information insurance carriers will use to calculate your insurance pricing: 

  • The homeowner’s credit score 
  • Claims history
  • The home’s age and current market value
  • Your home’s location (e.g., ZIP code, county)
  • Materials used to build the home
  • The home’s use: primary residence, vacation home, rental property
  • The deductible amount selected
  • Freestanding structures on the property (e.g., fences, garages, swimming pools)

Independent insurance agents in Oxford can help you explore locally for different homeowners policy options offered by reputable carriers. You can be sure to get high-quality homeowners insurance that fits your budget. 

Total Number of Property Crimes in Oxford, Michigan 

Buying a comprehensive homeowners insurance plan, no matter where you live, is always a good idea. Property crimes happen everywhere, and your house could potentially be at risk. 

  • Average US burglary rate per 1,000 homes: 4.69
  • Average MI burglary rate per 1,000 homes: 1.98
  • Average Oxford burglary rate per 1,000 homes: 0.00

Every American hometown works hard, among their citizens and residents, to make their neighborhoods safe. It’s always important to look out for yourself, your family, and your neighbors by taking action. Here are a few easy ways to keep thieves away: 

  • Lock your windows (home and garage) when you’re asleep or home.
  • Keep lights on even when you aren’t home. Use an automatic timer so you don’t forget. 
  • Use deadbolts on all your outside doors for extra security.
  • Make sure your sliding glass doors have great locks and security gadgets.
  • Install a home security system that includes burglar alarms and cameras.
  • If you’ll be away from home for more than a few days, make sure your mailbox won’t be overflowing with mail. Be sure your grass remains well-kept too. 

Another benefit to securing your home are the policy discounts most insurance companies will be willing to give you. Property insurers like when homeowners have security cameras, burglar alarms, and even fire extinguishers. You can also talk with your insurance agent about how you might be able to get a premium discount for home safety measures. Remember to ask your agent about flood insurance too. 


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Total Number of Catastrophes in Oxford, Michigan 

Oxford is part of Oakland County. The area faces an average amount of Midwestern weather catastrophes that can cause damage, particularly floods, storms, and tornadoes. Overall, the total number of natural disasters in the Oxford area is close to the national average. 

  • Major catastrophes causing widespread loss in Michigan: 301
  • Common causes of disasters within the state: floods and tornadoes
  • Total amount of US property losses paid in 2018: $1,354,075

Here’s how Oxford’s worst weather events break down. 

  • Storms: 6
  • Floods: 5
  • Tornadoes: 3
  • Snowstorms: 2

It’s a great idea to invest in an excellent homeowners insurance plan no matter what your hometown’s climate is like. It’s also a good idea to be prepared for the costly financial losses associated with risks like harsh weather, crimes, and fires. Not only will having a solid insurance policy give you peace of mind, it’ll also absorb most of the cost from a covered claim. 

Give a local independent insurance agent a call today to talk about your home insurance policy needs. The sooner you do that, then the sooner your home will be protected. When you talk to your local agent, feel free to ask about car insurance and life insurance too. 

Start Shopping for Oxford, Michigan, Home Insurance 

Shopping around your local community for a homeowners policy is the best way to get a homeowners insurance plan. Of course, comparing multiple plans and premiums can take a lot of time and get a bit frustrating. You’re busy, so make your life easier by working with a local independent insurance agent. Oxford agents know your community and understand your needs. 

An independent agent will be more than happy to answer your questions, identify any risks you might encounter, and gather multiple insurance quotes from a variety of reliable insurers. The best part of working with an independent agent is that you don’t have to pay for their professional assistance. 

Your home is your biggest investment, so talk today with an independent insurance agent about protecting your prized possession. 

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