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People move to Michigan for many different reasons, whether to Ann Arbor for college or to Lansing, Detroit or Grand Rapids for a work assignment, and many enjoy the affordability of rental housing. Whether you have one residential house for rent or an entire apartment complex, residents will come and go, but one thing is always certain: you need protection. As a landlord, you face extra liability issues that a normal homeowners insurance policy can’t cover.

To find the right Michigan landlord insurance for your needs, contact an independent insurance agent in our network. A local independent agent can to review your coverage needs and find an insurance policy that matches your specific situation and budget. Independent agents, unlike “captive” agents, have the ability to compare multiple policies and Michigan landlord insurance quotes from various insurers. Contact an independent agent right in your area today.


Save on Landlord Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Michigan Recent Rental Statistics

  • Michigan’s median rent was $739
  • The average rent is $753
  • The vacancy rate is 7.72%
  • Rent accounts for 19.29% of residents’ income
  • 28.26% of the population rents

Liability and Michigan Landlord Insurance

Being a landlord requires a lot of effort. Not only do you have to make sure that rent is paid on time, yard work is done, and maintenance issues are handled, but you also have to consider what could go wrong. You have homeowners insurance on your personal residence to protect it against natural disasters, home accidents, theft, and a number of other concerns. As a landlord, you also need insurance to protect you if something goes wrong with your rental property. You can be held responsible for a variety of things including, but not limited to:

  • A visitor’s injury associated with landlord negligence
  • Tenant property loss or damage due to a maintenance issue
  • Tenant accident or sickness due to living conditions of a rental unit

If a tenant claims that you’re responsible for loss, damage or personal injury, the result can be a liability claim. Your Michigan landlord insurance will provide for your legal defense, and can help pay the settlement. Without adequate insurance, these costs must come out of your own pocket.


Save on Landlord Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Additional Michigan Landlord Insurance

Your typical insurance policy will consist of liability insurance and property coverage. Make sure your coverage limits insure your rental unit at replacement value, and your liability limits are set to an amount that will fully protect your assets. There are other types of coverage you may need, or may want to consider.

  • Workers compensation: This coverage is required in Michigan if you employ three or more people. Workers comp pays workers time lost if they’re hurt on the job.
  • Flood insurance: Living in Michigan, you’re safe from most natural disasters, but flooding is very possible. Consider purchasing a flood insurance policy if you live in a high-risk area.
  • Umbrella liability insurance: This is extra liability coverage that adds protection on top of your current liability policy. With some settlements in the multi-million dollar range, extra protection is worth a few extra dollars.
  • Loss of rent coverage: If your building catches fire or a flood makes it uninhabitable, this policy can provide the rent that would have been paid to you.
  • Extra business insurance: There are many facets to a rental business that need protection, and your landlord insurance policy won’t cover all of them. Things like commercial vehicle insurance and business fraud protection are a couple of examples.

How to Compare Michigan Landlord Insurance Quotes

Finding the right Michigan landlord insurance policy is a personal decision. When you work with an agent, you have one-on-one guidance, and a local professional to turn to for questions and assistance with claims. Your independent insurance agent can compare Michigan landlord insurance quotes and policies to find one that works for you. 

Contact an independent agent in our network today.

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