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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
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Fire is unforgiving. A fire in your home can result in tens of thousands of dollars in property damage. Michigan firefighters respond to an average of 120 fires every day. You will want to ensure that your property, including your home and vehicle, have enough fire insurance coverage to compensate you for the devastating losses a fire can bring.

You can turn to an independent insurance agent in our network for help assessing your fire coverage needs and ensuring that your current policies are sufficient. These agents work for you, not for a particular insurance company, and they have taken a pledge to provide their customers with exceptional service and ethical advice. Contact an agent in your neighborhood today for more information and to review Michigan fire insurance quotes.


Save on Fire Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Michigan Fire Statistics

  • There are 1,078 fire departments in the state of Michigan
  • Michigan firefighters responded to 43,509 fires in one year
  • Of these, 18,759 (43%) were structure fires
  • 9,465 (22%) were mobile properties fires
  • 15,285 (35%) were outdoor or other types of fires
  • 8,474 of these fires were determined to be the result of arson

What Is Michigan Fire Insurance?

Fire insurance is a specialized form of property insurance designed to cover the costs associated with repair, reconstruction, and replacement of personal property following a fire. In most cases, fire insurance is included with home and business insurance. It is also typically covered under your personal auto insurance policy if you have comprehensive insurance, also known as "other than collision" coverage. It is important that you know what your insurance policies will and will not cover. An agent in our network can help you review your current policies and may even be able to find ways to save you money.

Fire Insurance Protects Your Home

Whether you rent or own your home, it is important to protect your property from the losses you may incur in a fire. It's a good idea to protect your living space with one of the following policies:

  • Homeowners insurance: This includes coverage for fire damage to both the structure of your home and the contents within.  Most policies will allow you to purchase special riders to provide coverage for other items such as ATVs and boats while they are stored on your property.
  • Condo insurance: Your condo association’s master policy will provide coverage for the structure of your building and your condo insurance policy will provide coverage for fire damage to any of your personal property kept inside.
  • Renters insurance: Your landlord will be responsible for covering damages to the structure of your apartment building or rental home but does not have to provide you with compensation for any personal property that is damaged or destroyed in a fire. A renters insurance policy will provide this necessary coverage.
  • RV insurance: If you use your RV as your full-time home, you may keep valuable property inside. An RV fire can occur due to an overheated engine, a motor vehicle accident or due to cooking and heating. A full-timers RV insurance policy can provide fire insurance coverage for all the ways that your recreational vehicle may be affected.

Michigan Fire Insurance Protects Your Business

Business owners need to ensure that their commercial coverage includes fire protection for the business premises as well as other business property. If your business is home-based, your homeowners insurance is probably sufficient, though you may need to add special endorsements to cover the costs of lost business materials and equipment.

If you own the building in which your business is housed, your business property insurance policy may provide coverage of structural damage due to fire. Whether or not you own the building, your policy will also cover the contents kept within. If you own a restaurant, bar or other business where there is an increased risk of fire, you may want to consider purchasing extended fire insurance for increased coverage.


Save on Fire Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Michigan Fire Insurance Protects Your Vehicles

The minimum required insurance policy for a car or truck is liability insurance. To insure your vehicle against damages caused by a non-collision-related fire, you will need to supplement your insurance with comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive insurance provides coverage for vehicle damage that occurs from causes other than a collision. In addition to fire, this includes damages caused by falling objects, severe weather, vandalism, and theft.

If you own a boat, ATV or another recreational vehicle, you may be able to get some compensation for fire damage if the fire occurs on your property. If this damage occurs off your property, you may have no recourse unless these vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance.

One Year of Property Loss in MI Fires

During previous years, Michigan fires resulted in the following damage and costs:

  • Structure fires: $233,494,082 in damages
  • Mobile property fires: $49,092,656 in damages
  • Outside/other fires: $239,834,807 in damages

How Much Michigan Fire Insurance Do I Need?

A major structure fire can result in a total loss. When insuring your home or business, you will want to be certain that you are purchasing enough coverage to allow you to start over without suffering a great financial loss. When purchasing contents coverage, be sure to consider everything you own, from furniture to clothes to cooking equipment. You may be surprised by how much property you actually own. You can elect to purchase actual cash value or replacement-cost coverage. Replacement-cost coverage is more expensive, but it will provide you with the full amount necessary to replace lost or damaged items with new ones, regardless of the depreciated value of your actual belongings.

How Can I Find Affordable Fire Coverage?

An independent agent in our network can help ensure that you are properly covered against fire damage. These agents work with several different insurance companies, so they are able to provide customized policies at competitive rates, simplifying the process of comparison shopping. There are several local member agents with offices in Michigan. It is therefore easy to find an agent conveniently located near your home or business. Contact a local member agent today to get more information and to start reviewing Michigan fire insurance quotes for the policies that matter to you.

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