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In Missouri, The Ozark Mountains may be one of the top destinations for motorcyclists due to the beautiful landscapes, winding roads and wide-open spaces. Highway 160 is especially popular for motorcycles, with sweeping turns and challenging riding opportunities. But some Missouri roads can be dangerous, which is why that state's law requires all motorcycle owners to have motorcycle insurance on their vehicles. If you don’t have insurance, a local insurance agent can help by getting you quotes and options on a good motorcycle insurance policy.

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Facts About Motorcycles in MO

  • In one year there were 81 fatal accidents, 1,893 personal injury claims related to crashes, 82 deaths and 2,166 injuries, in motorcycle accidents.
  • 1.6% of all accidents involved a motorcycle. Of all fatal traffic accidents, 12.2% involved a motorcycle.
  • 96% of serious accidents involving a motorcycle proved fatal.
  • Only 27.4% of fatalities involved people wearing helmets.

Owning and operating a motorcycle in Missouri is not just a privilege, but also a responsibility. Aspiring riders must first pass a motorcycle rider training course, and then they must pass a written test. Once you get a license, however, you're not free to ride. You must have insurance on your motorcycle. Here are the Missouri insurance requirements for motorcycles:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury or death
  • $50,000 for all persons injured or killed in a specific accident
  • $10,000 per accident for property damage

Motorcycle riders must also wear helmets while on any highways in Missouri. Police will cite and fine you for not wearing a helmet.

What Type of Motorcycles Are Covered?

There are many different types of motorcycles, and each one has individual insurance needs. Here are just a few examples of motorcycles that need insurance:

  • Chopper: A modified motorcycle, usually with longer forks and a lowered back end.
  • Dirt Bike: A lightweight motorcycle designed to pass over rough terrain.
  • Street Bike: A lightweight bike, compact and built for speed.
  • Vintage Motorcycle: An old motorcycle, possibly rebuilt.
  • Harley Davidson: These motorcycles stand out in a crowd, with their distinct low roar and classic look.

Riders use all these types of motorcycles on Missouri roads, so, if you own one, it's important to get it insured. If you purchased your motorcycle through a financing program, you will most likely need comprehensive ("other than collision") and potentially also collision coverage on the motorcycle before being able to ride it in Missouri.

What Type of Coverage Do You Need?

There are many types of coverage available for motorcycle riders in Missouri, and each one is important. When shopping for motorcycle insurance quotes online, be sure to check for the following types of policies:

  • Comprehensive insurance, or "other than collision" coverage: Motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular with thieves. This coverage protects you in case of theft. It also covers you when severe weather and falling objects damage your bike.
  • Collision insurance: Collision insurance covers you and your motorcycle when you are involved in an accident.
  • Medical payments insurance: This insurance will help you pay for any medical care that you or your passengers need following an accident or collision. This is especially helpful if you do not carry health insurance.
  • Bodily injury liability insurance: This insurance protects you from having to pay out of pocket for the medical expenses of those you've injured in an accident. This covers surgery, medication, therapy and any other medically necessary items up to a limit you set on your coverage.
  • Property damage liability insurance: Property damage insurance will cover property damage resulting from an accident. This can include fencing, buildings and other vehicles.
  • Roadside assistance: Roadside assistance is a nice policy to have in place. If your motorcycle breaks down, this insurance will ensure that you can get a tow to the nearest shop.
  • Custom parts and equipment or accessory insurance: This insurance will help cover any additional equipment or upgrades you have on your motorcycle, including special audio equipment, paint, motorcycle trailers, sidecars and other accessories.

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

There is no steadfast dollar amount for motorcycle insurance, and many factors contribute to the overall price. When getting motorcycle insurance quotes in Missouri, your price will depend on the factors below:

  • The make/model of the motorcycle: Each motorcycle has different uses and different accessories. So, rates for choppers, for instance, differ from the rates for dirt bikes or sport bikes.
  • Your state: The costs of insurance vary by state.
  • The driver: Your driving record is a consideration when getting a quote.
  • The intended use: What you intend to use the motorcycle for is extremely important when deciding on an amount for insurance.
  • Storage: Your coverage may have different allowances depending on whether you store your bike in a garage, trailer, storage unit or other location.

Are There Discounts Available on Motorcycle Insurance?

If cost is an issue when you buy motorcycle insurance, you can get discounts to help you remain fully covered:

  • Bundling policies: Consider bundling policies – such as a homeowners policy or RV/Boat policy – together with the same insurer.
  • Military discount: Many insurance companies offer discounts to military personnel, both past and present.
  • Federal employee: Many insurance agencies also offer federal retired or active employees insurance discounts.
  • Occupational: Teachers, healthcare professionals and other professions may qualify for insurance discounts.
  • Safe driver: Completing a motorcycle safety course may prove invaluable. Many insurance companies offer discounts to riders who have taken a motorcycle safety course.
  • Age: As you age, insurance will typically become less expensive.

You can also discuss with your agent covering the bike only when you ride. If you keep your bike locked in a garage all winter, having comprehensive collision insurance on it during these months, when it's not in use, may not be a good idea.

Other groups and trade affiliations offer their members discounts on insurance.


Better Motorcycle Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Getting Motorcycle Insurance in Missouri

Missouri is a wonderful state for motorcycle enthusiasts to call home. Besides its beautiful landscapes and winding roads, Missouri has a very active motorcycle community, and the residents are usually very courteous to riders. However, when accidents happen, it's important to make sure that you have adequate coverage on your bike, no matter what type.

A Trusted Choice® member agent is there to help you get the best coverage for your individual situation. Contact an agent for your motorcycle insurance quotes.

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