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Sunsets on Lake Chautauqua are magnificent. Find Missouri Boat Insurance.

Find the Best Boat Insurance Rates & Companies in Missouri 

Many residents in Missouri enjoy recreational watersports. Whether you prefer paddling down a scenic stream in your kayak, towing water skiers on a lake with your motorboat, or taking a river cruise in your yacht, you may want to consider securing your investment with a boat insurance policy. Having adequate coverage can help you get reimbursed for lawsuit expenses, boat repairs, and more.

Luckily, a Missouri independent insurance agent can help you find the right boat insurance. Your agent will get you set up with the ideal policy for your unique vessel. But first, here's a breakdown of Missouri boat insurance requirements and more.

Best Boat Insurance Companies in Missouri

It's easy to find boat insurance from many different carriers. But when you want to find the best boat insurance in Missouri, it can be helpful to know where to start looking. Here are just a few of our top recommendations for quality boat insurance in Missouri.

  1. Progressive: This insurer offers boat insurance and many other types of personal and business insurance. Progressive has an outstanding AM Best rating and provides year-round, 24/7/365 customer service.
  2. Travelers: This insurer offers boat insurance and several other types of personal and business insurance. Travelers has outstanding AM Best and Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings and offers several discounts.
  3. Foremost: This insurer offers boat insurance and many other types of personal insurance products. Foremost has outstanding AM Best and BBB ratings and provides 24/7 claims reporting services.

A Missouri independent insurance agent can help you find an affordable boat insurance policy from one of these top-rated carriers or others in your area.

What Boat Insurance in Missouri Can Cover

Boat insurance policies are highly customizable. In Missouri, you can typically build your policy from the following coverage options:

  • Boating liability insurance: This covers expenses arising from third-party bodily injury or property damage claims, including attorney, court, and settlement fees.
  • Fuel spill/wreckage cleanup insurance: This covers expenses related to the clean-up of boat wreckage and pollutants from the water if you're responsible for a collision.
  • Collision insurance: Pays for damage to your boat from a collision with another object, regardless of fault.
  • Uninsured/underinsured boater insurance: This covers the costs of property damage and medical expenses if you're involved in a boating accident with a boater who doesn't carry adequate coverage of their own.
  • Medical payments insurance: This covers medical expenses for you or your passengers after a boating accident, regardless of fault.
  • Comprehensive insurance: Pays for damage to your boat due to a non-collision event such as a flood or theft. 
  • Personal effects insurance: This covers expenses related to the theft, damage, loss, or destruction of personal items like scuba gear, fishing gear, and water skis.
  • Equipment insurance: This covers expenses related to the loss, damage, theft, etc., of any equipment or accessories not originally installed by the manufacturer, such as GPS units, boat hoists, and more.
  • Towing insurance: This covers towing expenses if your boat becomes disabled on the water due to issues like engine or steering failure. 

A Missouri independent insurance agent can help you assemble the best boat insurance policy according to your personal needs.

Is Boat Insurance Required in Missouri?

Boat insurance isn't required by law in Missouri. However, if you want to dock your boat at a marina, you'll most likely be required to have coverage first. Further, if you finance your watercraft, your lender will likely require you to have boat insurance.

Many people still choose to get boat insurance even if it's not technically required. Without a policy, just one lawsuit related to a collision or another incident could be financially devastating. Having boat insurance can be well worth the cost for many boaters.

What Boat Insurance in Missouri Will Not Cover

Boat insurance has a specific set of coverage exclusions, as does any other type of policy. In Missouri, don't expect boat insurance to cover any of the following disasters:

  • Malicious or intentional acts to third parties or their property
  • Damage caused by insects, animals, or marine life
  • Mold damage to the boat
  • Boat wear and tear damage
  • Faulty or defective machinery damage (without the proper endorsement)
  • Damage to boat trailers

Make sure to review your specific boat insurance policy's coverage exclusions before you ever file a claim.

Average Cost of Boat Insurance in Missouri

Boat insurance tends to be fairly affordable in Missouri at an average rate of just $263 annually. However, the cost of your boat insurance policy could vary based on the following:

  • How much coverage you need
  • How often you use your boat
  • The policy's deductible
  • Where you store your boat
  • The size, make, model, and length of your boat
  • Your claims and driving histories

All of these factors and more can influence boat insurance rates. Your exact location can also influence coverage premiums due to factors like boat theft statistics. 


Save on Boat Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Boat Insurance Discounts Are Available in Missouri?

Missouri offers many boat insurance discounts. Though the options offered vary by insurer, here are some of the most common boat insurance discounts:

  • Bundling discounts: Bundling boat insurance with home insurance, auto insurance, or another type of coverage through the same carrier can often earn you a discount on each policy.
  • Security discounts: If you protect your watercraft against theft, vandalism, etc., with security devices, your carrier might award you a discount.
  • Affiliation discounts: An affiliation with various alma maters, companies, and organizations might earn you a boat insurance discount.
  • Lay-up discounts: If you only use your boat during summer, you might qualify for additional discounts.
  • Loyalty discounts: Continuing your coverage with the same boat insurance carrier for a set number of years can earn you a discount over time.
  • Boater safety course discounts: Completing a state-approved boater safety course can often earn you a boat insurance discount.

A Missouri independent insurance agent will automatically search for any boat insurance discounts that can help reduce your premiums as much as possible.

Popular Questions about Missouri Boat Insurance

You're not required by law to have boat insurance in Missouri. However, many of the state's marinas require coverage.

Boat insurance costs an average of $263 per year in Missouri. However, you might find your policy's rate is different depending on many factors, including the make and model of the boat you insure.

We found that Progressive is the best boat insurance company in Missouri. Progressive offers competitive rates, excellent coverage options, and numerous discounts for watercraft owners.

If you cause an accident while towing your boat, your personal boat insurance policy can pay for physical damage to your property, including your vessel and third-party property you might've hit. Your policy can also cover medical expenses for any injuries.

Missouri state law doesn't mandate boat insurance. However, many boaters still choose to get coverage or are required to do so if they finance their watercraft.

In Missouri, you can customize your boat insurance policy according to your needs. You might build a boat insurance policy that includes towing coverage, fuel spill cleanup coverage, and more.

Missouri independent insurance agents can help you find the boat insurance you need from a top-rated local carrier. Independent insurance agents work hard to find quality coverage at the most affordable rate. They'll shop and compare boat insurance quotes from a number of different carriers for you. 

And down the road, they can help you file boat insurance claims or update your coverage as needed. Your agent can help you find boat insurance in Jefferson City or wherever you reside.

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