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The state of New Jersey has, until recently, had very few locations where ATV enthusiasts could enjoy this exciting pastime. The good news is that the first state-run ATV park recently opened in Cape May County and the state plans to open two more in the near future. If you are considering exploring the new Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park with your 3-wheeler or side-by-side, you will first want to learn more about New Jersey ATV insurance.

Independent agents in the Trusted Choice® network can help you find a great ATV insurance policy at a competitive rate. Because they have relationships with several different insurance providers, these agents can help you find an affordable policy that meets your coverage and budgetary needs. Contact a member agent in your neighborhood for more information and start comparing New Jersey ATV insurance quotes today.

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ATV Crash Statistics for New Jersey

  • The most commonly-treated ATV injury was a fractured arm
  • Head injuries were the second most common reason for emergency room visits after an ATV collision

While ATV accident rates in this state are relatively low, this may be because of the limited number of places that residents can ride. Once the three state-operated ATV parks are open and running, state officials expect these numbers to climb.

Is ATV Insurance Required in New Jersey?

Although some states have laws that require residents to carry liability insurance for their all-terrain vehicles, New Jersey does not. If you are riding your quad or UTV on private land, you can forgo insurance, though you still face possible liability risks and property loss.

If you plan to ride your ATV on public land, however, insurance may be required by the landowner. The Mount Pleasant ATV Park, for example, requires all riders to carry liability insurance coverage on all their vehicles and to carry proof of insurance with them at all times. Be sure to check all rules and safety requirements before taking your ATV to any public park. This way, you can ensure that you will be able to use it once you get there.

If you are responsible for an ATV collision that causes injuries or property damage to another person, you may be held liable for medical and repair costs. In the case of severe injuries, the medical costs can grow quite expensive, particularly if on-going care is necessitated. Whether you use your ATV for recreation, hunting or agricultural purposes, securing a New Jersey ATV insurance policy is an important step toward protecting your finances.

What Are New Jersey's ATV Laws?

New Jersey has several laws pertaining to ATV use. These are designed specifically to increase safety for riders, particularly children, in the state.

  • All ATVs used on public roads, trails and land must be registered with the state
  • ATV registrations must be renewed annually
  • All ATV operators and passengers are required to wear a helmet at all times
  • ATV use on public roads and highways is prohibited except for the purpose of crossing to the other side
  • Operators under 18 may not ride on public land unless they have passed a safety training course
  • No one under the age of 14 may operate an ATV on public lands or cross roads
  • No one under the age of 16 may operate an ATV with an engine greater than 90 cc on public lands or across a highway
  • No one may operate an ATV from half hour before sunset until half hour after sunrise unless it is equipped with working headlights and taillights

What Does New Jersey ATV Insurance Cover?

At a minimum, you can expect your ATV insurance policy to include liability coverage. Adding additional coverage options usually does not cost a lot more, so it may be a cost-effective decision to purchase full coverage for your vehicle. A New Jersey ATV policy will offer the follow coverage types:

  • Liability insurance: This provides coverage for any bodily injury and property damage you may cause to others while operating your ATV. This is typically the only insurance coverage that is required to ride on public lands.
  • Collision insurance: This provides compensation for significant damages to your ATV if you are involved in a collision, regardless of fault.
  • Comprehensive insurance: This pays for damages to your ATV that are not accident-related. This includes loss or damage caused by theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, floods and animals. You may want to consider this coverage if you spent a lot for your vehicle.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance: If a third-party is at-fault for an ATV collision and they do not have insurance or if their coverage is insufficient to pay for your damages or injuries, this coverage will take over to ensure that you receive all the necessary compensation.
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Is New Jersey ATV Insurance Expensive?

The cost of your policy can depend on several factors, such as your age and driving history, the amount of insurance you are purchasing, where and how often you use your vehicle and the amount of your deductible. One thing that affects your policy costs above all else is the type of ATV you are insuring. Some examples include:

  • UTVs: UTVs, or "utility task vehicles," include side-by-sides and 4- to 6-person vehicles. These vehicles tend to have slower maximum speeds and are most frequently used for work purposes. For this reason, they are the least expensive to insure.
  • Sport ATVs: These generally provide 2-wheel drive and are designed to maneuver well through ATV trails and tracks. These vehicles are built for performance and are the type most frequently used for recreational purposes. Insurance rates for these ATVs are in the middle-range.
  • All-wheel drive ATVs: Four-wheelers that offer all-wheel drive are the most expensive to insure. This is because in addition to providing powerful engines, these vehicles are designed for use both on and off trails. The variance in riding options provides more opportunities for accidents and injuries.

You may be able to get discounted rates if you insure more than one ATV on your policy, or if you and all insured operators successfully complete an ATV safety course.

Compare New Jersey ATV Insurance Quotes

It is easy to find an affordable New Jersey ATV insurance policy when you enlist the help of an agent in the Trusted Choice network. These agents have relationships with several different insurance companies and can therefore comparison-shop for you to ensure that you are getting a great policy at a competitive rate.

These agents have pledged to provide customers with exceptional service and ethical advice. Contact a member agent in your neighborhood to find out what working with a Trusted Choice network agent can do for you. You can be comparing New Jersey ATV insurance quotes in no time.

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