Popular QuestionsPopular Questions about New Jersey Car Insurance

How much does New Jersey car insurance cost? $1,905

On average, New Jersey drivers pay more than most other drivers around the nation, but you'll still find an affordable rate for your unique needs when you team up with a Trusted Choice® agent.

Americans pay an average of $1,474 per year for their auto insurance, while New Jersey drivers pay on average about $1,905 per year. Make sure you're getting the best rate by comparing quotes from a variety of insurance companies.

Average cost of car insurance in New Jersey
What does New Jersey car insurance actually do for me?

Accidents can happen to anyone – even the best drivers. Car insurance protects your finances if you find yourself in a motor vehicle collision. Here's a look at some of the ways your insurance will help...

  • Fix your car: Not required. This is called "comprehensive & collision coverage," and though it is not required by the state, it may be required by your lender.
  • Fix someone else's car: Required/minimum $5,000. This is called "property damage liability."
  • Pay your medical bills: Required/minimum $15,000. This is called "personal injury protection" or "PIP."
  • Pay someone else's medical bills: Required/minimum $30,000 per person; $50,000 per accident. This is called "bodily injury liability."

You'll notice that every New Jersey driver is required to have specific insurance coverages at certain minimum liability limits. These policies will pay for someone else's vehicle damage and medical bills, and most states have similar laws to ensure that drivers are prepared for accidents they cause.

Who pays if the accident wasn't my fault?

The driver who caused the accident, of course.

How many New Jersey drivers are uninsured? 10.3%

A lot of people drive without any insurance or financial backup plan for accidents.

That's where "Uninsured Motorist Coverage" comes in. If you are hit by an uninsured driver, this insurance coverage will pay to fix your vehicle and handle your medical bills.

Typically, your insurance company will attempt to collect compensation from the at-fault driver, but sometimes that can be difficult. So although the state doesn't require you to have uninsured motorist coverage, we highly recommend it.

Which are the best insurance companies in New Jersey?
mercury insurance

InformationFind the Best Insurance in Your City

How does your city measure up to the national average?

  • National average car insurance cost: $1318 / year
  • National average car thefts per 1,000: 2.94
  • National average time spent commuting: 25.4 min

CityCommute Time (min)Theft Rate per 1,000 VehiclesAnnual Insurance Cost
Basking Ridge33.50.47$1,380
Cherry Hill26.44.29$1,585
Egg Harbor25.60.94$1,230
Fair Lawn29.90.62$1,305
Hamilton Square26.71.22$1,285
Jackson Township30.80.49$1,315
Jersey City37.32.07$1,635
Lower Township13.73.04$1,142
Mount Laurel30.01.71$1,417
New Brunswick38.60.56$1,517
Parsippany/Troy Hills34.70.99$1,462
Raritan Township28.40.38$1,244
Toms River31.40.40$1,321
Union City33.21.50$1,476
Washington Township28.70.09$1,222
West Milford38.30.22$1,475


Average cost of Middletown car insurance: $117/month

Your vehicle, gender and driving record and a few other factors will be taken into account when calculating your monthly auto insurance cost. That means it could fluctuate greatly from this average rate.

Here are some city factors that will affect your rate:

Commute time: 38 minutes

The average Middletown driver spends under an hour commuting to and from work daily. Commuting also increases the amount of risk drivers face while on the road.

Auto theft rate in Middleton: 0.65 per 1,000 cars

Middletown is a safe community, but criminals can still lurk around the corner. When you're shopping for auto insurance, talk to your Trusted Choice agent about what your policy does and does not cover if you experience a break-in or vandalism.


Average cost of Woodbridge car insurance: $117/month

To find the right auto insurance, factors like your vehicle, gender and driving record should all be taken into account. That way it's personalized to your unique situation and insurance needs.

Here are some city factors that will affect your rate:

Commute time: 31.8 minutes

It's simple: The more time you spend behind the wheel, the more likely it is that you'll be in an accident. Since Woodbridge drivers spend much more time on the road than most, they are at a greater risk and can see higher insurance rates.

Auto theft rate in Woodbridge: 1.23 per 1,000 vehicles

Woodbridge isn't generally an unsafe area, but things can happen whether you like it or not. Prepare for the unexpected burglary, break-in or vandalism with comprehensive auto insurance.

Lower Township

Average cost of Lower Township car insurance: $156/month

If you aren't familiar with how your auto insurance should be calculated, talk to a Trusted Choice agent. Your vehicle's age and model, your own age and driving history, and much more will be taken into account to find something that fits in your budget.

Here are some city factors that will affect your rate:

Commute time: 18.3 minutes

Commuting from Lower Township to work isn't the best part of your day. Especially if an accident occurs on your way home. But since drivers spend less time on the road than most, insurance rates can stay relatively low.

Auto theft rate in Lower Township: 0.26 per 1,000 vehicles

The more dangerous your area, the more likely it is that your vehicle will be stolen or vandalized. But the theft rate in Lower Township is so low that you shouldn't worry too much. Plus, it may help decrease insurance rates.

Washington Township

Average cost of Washington Township car insurance: $179/month

Did you know that your vehicle's age, your gender, and your driving record are all used to calculate how much you pay for Washington Township auto insurance? You may want to compare what you expect to pay with the average rate, but then speak to a Trusted Choice agent soon.

Here are some city factors that will affect your rate:

Commute time: 29 minutes

Drivers in the Washington Township area spend much more time on the road than the average national driver. This causes an increase in both insurance rates and accident risk.

Auto theft rate in Washington Township: 0.36 per 1,000 vehicles

Don't worry too much: The theft rate in Washington Township is much lower than the national average. But don't let this keep you from purchasing comprehensive and affordable auto insurance.

Parsippany-Troy Hills

Average cost of Parsippany-Troy Hills car insurance: $151/month

Depending on your vehicle, gender and driving record and a few other factors, your monthly cost could be higher or lower than this.

Here are some city factors that will affect your rate:

Commute time: 25.5 minutes

Any time you're commuting to work, running errands or picking the kids up from school, you're putting yourself at risk. The more time you're behind the wheel, the greater the chance of getting into an accident.


Auto theft rate in Parsippany-Troy Hills: 0.37 per 1,000 vehicles

You can park under street lights and hide valuables in the trunk. But the only surefire way to have full protection from criminals is by getting comprehensive auto insurance through a Trusted Choice agent.


Average cost of Evesham car insurance: $173/month

Your Evesham auto insurance can be higher or lower than this average, especially since personal factors will be taken into account when calculating your own rate.

Here are some city factors that will affect your rate:

Commute time: 29 minutes

Because Evesham drivers spend more time on the road than other drivers around the country, insurance rates can be higher. Make sure your policy covers fender benders and hit-and-runs.\\\

Auto theft rate in Evesham: 0.75 per 1,000 vehicles

Evesham doesn't see much criminal activity. The good news is that insurance rates may be lower than average as a result, but it still doesn't mean you r vehicle or personal property won't get stolen without warning.


Average cost of Franklin car insurance: $168/month

Your car, age, driving history and other personal factors should be taken into account when finding an auto insurance policy — so don't settle for an average rate.

Here are some city factors that will affect your rate:

Commute time: 33.2 minutes

Commuting is never an enjoyable part of your day. But the more time you spend on the road, the more likely it is that you'll be in an accident. Take this into consideration when looking at auto insurance coverages and policy limits.

Auto theft rate in Franklin: 0.59 per 1,000 vehicles

You may not encounter a stolen or vandalized car often in Franklin, but it can still happen when you least expect it. And since the theft rate in Franklin is much lower than the national average, insurance rates may be relatively low.